Thursday, November 7, 2013

Window Drawing and light sabers.

I bought some window markers while I was in Utah, I think for the drive to Lake Powell, and then couldn't find them (my mom suggested that maybe I could work on being more organized... hee hee).  Anyway, so we had them and Ethne kept begging to get them out.  So finally I let them draw all over the windows.  It was fun, but then I had to wash my windows.  Anyway, I had to show all the things that Hazel wrote because they were adorable.

And here are the boys fighting with their light sabers.



Andrea said...

You allowed the marker writing to segue into a lesson on "your" versus "you're"--right? Of course, right. I feel better now.

Anonymous said...

Kayli - i like the new couch set. Looks nice. Mom

Anonymous said...

Hazel - you always say the nicest and kindest and thoughtful things. I likeeee.
Kayli- just a suggestion hahahahahahahaaaaa

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