Saturday, August 13, 2016

Prettiest Baby EVER!!

I had these pajamas from when Hazel was a baby, so I took a bunch of pictures of Navy in it.

Lots of people have said Navy looks like Hazel.  What do you think?

Oh, she's such a sweetie!

I loooove these pictures of this beautiful girl!!


And with Daddy.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Last Day of School Shenanigans

Hazel finished up 6th grade, and they had a Graduation Ceremony.  She was awarded the Presidential Outstanding Academic Award, Honor Roll, and she won first place for AR points (Accelerated Reader).  It was really funny, they announced, "Third place for AR, with 330 points goes to So-and-So, Second place with 410 points goes to So-and-So, and First place goes to Hazel Bell with an outstanding 1,035 points!"  Everyone kind of gasped.  Hilarious.  She got a gift card to Barnes and Noble for $40.  She had also won every 9-weeks, so over the course of the school year she got $75 in gift cards to Barnes and Noble.  Schweet.

Here she is with her friend Meghan.  (I curled her hair super nice and pretty that morning and it all fell out by the time she got to the school bus.  Humidity, I tell you.)

One of her teachers.

Talmage and his teacher.  He insisted that first grade was too easy and he should have skipped it.

Ethne's teacher and class and Navy.  :)

Ethne liked her teacher a lot this year.

And here's some stuff that Jethro did over the school year.  This is Jethro with a some honors English students who did a Forensics competition.  He won 3rd place in the poetry category.

These two pictures are random ones that someone took and sent me from a combined YM/YW activity.  I don't even know what they were doing.  Some sort of charades or skits or something?  I don't know but I like it.

I think this picture is from the regional TSA (Technology Student Association) competition.  He won for his essay on Biomedical Engineering.

These next pictures are from the State TSA competition.  They went for a few days to a resort place somewhere in PA.

These are the kids doing the Chapter Team event (also known as Parliamentary Procedure).  They placed, but I'm not sure if they were 1st, 2nd, or what.

Jethro won 3rd place for his Biomedical Engineering Essay, and because that 'event' was sponsored by some corporation, he got $50 for it. Nice.

Jethro was hilarious when he was trying to do the fundraising for this trip.  So they were selling chocolate bars and I told him to go down the ward list and call people and ask if they'd like to buy some, he could bring the chocolate bars to them at church, easy peasy.  He HATED it sooooo much.  He is also a naturally horrible salesperson.  We were sitting at church and I told him to turn around and ask our friend Stef if she wanted to buy any.  So he moaned and groaned and turned around and asked her, and she asked how much they cost, and he said, "They're really expensive.  $2.  It's way too much."  And she said, "So how many should I buy?"  And Jethro said, "2 maybe?"  And she said, "I'll take 10."  And he's like, "No! Don't buy that many!"  {shaking head} 

I got this picture from the Junior High facebook page.  It said something about learning about the scientific method by hypothesizing how big the bubbles will be.  Clearly, as you can see by Jethro's open book on his desk in front of him, he was reading and not doing what he was supposed to.  ;)

This is his little medal for his Regional Science Fair win.  He took 4th place in the Physics category, which even earned him some cash.  He did "Super Capacitors vs. Lithium Ion Batteries."  They got to go to Pittsburgh to the Heinz Field I believe for the fair.

Now, back to the actual last day of school, two different people called me to secretly tell me that Jethro was getting a super cool award so I should make sure to be at the Awards Ceremony that morning.  

He got quite a few awards, including Honor Roll, Top Student in Honors English, and First Place in Honors Algebra.

And then the one that was the special big-deal one.  It's the American Legion School Award.  And I quote, "In Recognition of the possession of those high qualities of Courage, Honor, Leadership, Patriotism, Scholarship, and Service, which are necessary to the preservation adn protection of the fundamental institutions of our government and the advancement of society."  Apparently all the teachers voted on who got it.  Yay Jethro!  What an awesome kid he is.  I kind of like him.

We took pictures after.  I'm not sure, but I think it was one boy and one girl winner, and then two runners-up, or there was a tie between the runners-up or something.

Here he is at home showing off his certificate and medal. I did eventually force him to stand up and smile, but this moaning, closed-eye, weird-face seemed appropriate. ‪#‎teenagers‬

And finally, the fun part!  Our Schools-Out-Burn-All-The-Homework Party!!  Yay for fires and friends and food and SUMMER!!!!!

Monday, August 1, 2016

The Usual- cute Navy and a few motorcycle pictures

These are odds and ends from the end of May-beginning of June.

I was cracking up at this cute girl smiling in her sleep.   I love it.

On Memorial Day we went to Moraine State Park and our friends brought their canoe.

Sweet sweet sweet little sleeping baby.

Now she's awake.

And happy!

My peony bush had more than one bloom this year.  Yay!

I loooooove this squishy baby!

I love her face here!

Aunt Denise and Uncle Gordon finished up their mission in Toronto and surprised me with a visit on their way home.

Those baby lips are perfect!!!  Her cheeks are so kissable!!  I want to eat her!

Oh geez!  My favorite picture of her!!  She's sooooooooo cute!

 So I put this swimming suit on her and literally squealed out loud at the cuteness.  It's too much.  She's the cutest thing!

I loved having peonies on the table.

Little baby just chillin' on the floor.

 And seems to be pretty happy about it.

He can't resist her.  I don't blame him.

Our friends Matt and Anna who we knew in Switzerland came to Pittsburgh for an audition for the orchestra and stayed at our house.  It was totally fun to catch up.

The love jumping in the rain.


With muscles.

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