Friday, February 28, 2020

Mid August

Talmage really likes babies.  Here he is with Gracie.

Such a scruffy looking kid, sheesh.

Gotta get out the motorbikes and figure out the best places for riding in our new place.

Stopped at the park to play with Tom and Elise before they went back to Pittsburgh. They come back nearly every summer, so we hope to see them again.

Apples on our trees!

Lots of crickets and preying mantises.

Previous owners left a kite here, so we flew that super high.  Then Brett took it for a motorcycle ride, which wasn't really as exciting as we thought it might be.

Jethro's first and last Sunday with us at church. And looks like I finally gave him a haircut. Whew.

Celebrating Talmage's birthday.

Wyatt and Will.

Grandma, Molly, and Navy.

Kami and her kids came and stayed for a little while.

Hazel finding her locker and getting classes sorted out.

Always funny making the kids run down the road.  :)

Kami napping.

I think this was 2-nights-before-school spa night for the girls.  Thanks, Brynne.

All the chairs were cracking like this, so Kami was a hero and redid them for me!  Yay for Kami!!!

Mom, Kami, Lindsay, and I took some kids on a hike near us and it was fun.  We had lunch there.

And more Kami napping.  :)  Really she was awesome and helped me unpack stuff.

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