Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving part 1

Thanksgiving: food, family, GUNS.
Here are the cousins minus one family. (click any picture to make it bigger--I'm pretty sure I forgot to resize most of these, so they'll be nice and big)

And the boys, Conner and Jethro. They are so cute together. I mean manly. I believe they are looking manly for this picture. :)
Brothers Brett and Blake. Also looking cute. I mean manly.
Umm, you know how my life long dream was to find a cowboy hat for Brett? Well, my dreams came true the other day at D.I. I LOVE THRIFT STORES!! (Especially the D.I. in Cache Valley--I think I have been there about 5 times, and four of those times I came home with a cowboy hat. SWEET.)

It goes (left to right) Brett's brother Blake, Brett's cousin's boyfriend Colton, Brett's brother-in-law Clark, (Jethro), Brett, Brett's brother Bryan. Good times.
And all of us who came along to watch.

That's me being the clay pigeon flinger. And I did a very poor job, I'm ashamed to admit.
My sister-in-law Jessica. I think she said it was her first time shooting, which was surprising to me. It seems like she is a pro at all things cool.
Cute manly boys once again.

Love the face. He must have just hit his target.

Blake pulled out the big gun.
I shot. Poorly. But not very many shots--so I was really just getting warmed up. Yeah, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Part 2 to come.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

catch-up stuff

A while back Brett and I went on a hike on his day off.
We saw this guy--he was so awesome.
This is a view from the top. I actually didn't get to the top--for some reason I was really tired and since Brett wanted to go farther than me, I just curled up on the ground and took a nap for a while.

Awww, couldn't they just be on a Christmas card? I told Lindsay thanks for letting me take pictures of them, and she was about to say 'anytime,' but then changed her mind. ;)
The kids are excited to get Sterling for an uncle--he does cool things like play a guitar.
A really GREAT picture of me and Ethan. Or something.

This was from the other day when Jethro hit his lip on the bus.

This kid loooooves being outside. If you want to see him smile REALLY big, just start putting his coat on him.
This was when we went to the Veteran's Day concert.

This is my cute Jethro.

And my cute Ethne.

Silly boy.
This was a little collage I made after I took pictures of Cassidy. I like it.

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