Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ethne Fay

I took my beautiful almost-eight-year-old out for pictures this evening.  How did this little girl who just barely had had a teeny-weenie-threenie party before we moved to Switzerland get to be so old??


Facts about Ethne:
  • She is the only lefty in our family.
  • She is one of the only ones in our family to not be a nail-chewer (Brett and Orrin being the other ones).
  • She strangely loves red peppers and fennel.
  • She loves to attach herself to older girls (teens and YSA) at church.  She has done this ever since she was about two.  And by attaching herself, I mean somehow sits by them in sacrament meeting because Brett's on the stand and I'm at the organ/piano and she conveniently doesn't see us pointing to her to move back to our row; she sits very close to them, holds their hands, knows what's in their purses, knows what's on their phones; gets invited to their houses for one-on-one parties, etc. 
  • According to reports from Hazel, she liked a boy named Cedric when she was in first grade.
  • She LOOOOVES to be in the middle of everyone else's business.  I can't remember the exact situation the other day, but I needed to know something about Jethro's school schedule or something like that and so I turned to Ethne and asked her, and Brett said, "Ethne wouldn't know that."  And I was like, "Know about someone else's business?  Oh YES she will."  And Brett considered and said, "True."
  • She has several good friends (Lea, Noemi, Titziano), and she often calls them up, goes to their houses, eats lunch with them, and is otherwise an EXTREMELY social creature.
  • She's a chatterbox.
  • She's a sleep-in girl, like myself.
  • She's an original, cute, fantastic girl to have around and I love her to bits!

I am super proud of this coif' I whipped up in 2 seconds flat, without any bobby-pins or anything besides the elastic headband thingee and my fingers.  And Ethne's lovely hair.

Ethne's scrunch-nose smile is the best best best!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lunch in the Mountains

First we passed by some guys playing with their gliders.


Looking this direction:

Looking that direction:



Orrin takes roasting red peppers very seriously.


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