Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Little bits of November 2019

Ethne turned 13! She got a candle in a cookie on her birthday, because we were celebrating with cousins later.

We went on a short little hike to a little pond that's up in the Wellsvilles close to us. It's called Coldwater Lake. 

Hazel, Orrin, and I ran a lot of the way.

Some places were shadowed and snowy, and some were sunny and warmer.

A nice family picture, with Hazel and I slightly in the foreground. :)

Hazel, Kiery, and Brynne for the birthday dinner.

Lynnaea's birthday is Halloween, and Ethne's is the first of Nov.

Navy and I went on a hike to the top of the little butte by our house.

She fell and got a thorn in her finger that made her bleed a surprising amount.


Navy using a sharp knife and cutting tomatoes.  Brett and Hazel were a little more worried about the operation than I was, but she did great!

Playing with Devaney.


The girls decided to be gypsies for Halloween, and we had fun scrounging up stuff from D.I. and luckily Kami let us borrow a lot of scarves and jewelry.  Then we borrowed Grandpa's horse for a few shots, and borrowed some tambourines and had fun dancing in the field.  :)

Stay wild
Gypsy child

(p.s. I wish I could edit photos on my computer like I do on instagram, as it is easy and effective, but I don't have a program that works well.  Which is a shame because these pictures look way better on instagram.  I guess if it bothered me enough I would buy something like lightroom or photoshop. Obviously I don't care enough to not be a cheapskate and use a free program.)

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