Thursday, October 24, 2013

Last Day in Milos

So, the saddest thing ever ever ever happened on our last day.  I picked up the camera to take a picture and.............. nothing.  The battery was completely dead.  The night before I had been going through the pictures and deleting ones I didn't need (it's true- I do know how to delete) and there were so many pictures that it took a long time, and I didn't realize that I was sucking the batteries dry!  Alas and alack - NO CAMERA!  It probably would have been unbearable but it was our last day and we did at least have Brett's phone camera. 

Anyway, here are a few out-of-order pictures from the phone, and then the last day on Milos.  Sniff sniff.

Greek salad.  Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, olive oil and feta.  Yummy yum.

And then one time I got some take-out from a restaurant and it included some bruschetta.  I don't remember ever noticing bruschetta being wonderful, but this stuff KNOCKED. OUR. SOCKS. OFF.  We devoured it much like this:  

Then we picked up each tiny  tomato and cheese crumb that had fallen to the pavement (we were eating outside) and licked our fingers clean.  It was actually kind of unbelievable that bruschetta could be that divine, but it was.  Then Brett bought some bread and cheese and stuff and tried recreating them at home.  They were delicious too (but not quite as amazing).

This is the plane on which we flew from Athens to Milos.

And the airport-- the teeniest little airport you ever did see.

Moving in to our jeep.

Okay, so this is the last day.  We had a difference of opinion of what we should do, as I wanted to take another boat trip, this time around Milos itself, but Brett did not want to be on a boat again all day.  So, after talking to a guy in the tourist office (who first tried hard to convince me to take a boat) and finding out there is actually a footpath down to Kleftiko beach (most everything you can read says it is reachable by boat only), we just decided to hike.

My hawk eyes spied the trail marker on the dirt road (see the white rock on the right side of the picture).  

So when we parked and got out, I spied some hiking boots sitting right there.  They looked like they would fit me.  So I put them on, because they were much better hiking shoes than the ones I had, which were giving me a blister in one tiny spot.  It was so pretty much serendipitous.  

It was about a 30 minute hike down (the guy at the tourist office said 40-60).  Brett said he'd never seen me hike so fast.  But then, I didn't have a whining kid to pull along.  And I was eager to get there.  (And it was downhill.)

And voila--probably the place you'll see pictured most if you look up Milos.  It is pretty much amazing.  I  mean, really and truly incredible.  Sorry to keep whining, but how sad that I didn't have my camera. :( 

Since I had a lesser camera, I think it's okay to post some pictures from the ol' internet.

Now back to my own pictures.

Brett and I set up over here since over by the caves it's pretty sheer dropoffs, and I hopped into the water.

I swam across the bay and through the caves and swam and swam and it was amazing.

Then Brett took his turn swimming while I took pictures with his phone of this ADORABLE boy in sunglasses.

Oh my goodness his smile is so cute!

I'm so gangsta.

Then Brett came back and he played with his phone for awhile, taking underwater videos after he put it in a ziplock bag.  They were pretty cool but it's not downloaded to this computer so I can't show it to you.

Then we were ready to leave, and the hike back up to the jeep was, against all laws of science, much longer than on the way down.  But we made it, and I left the hiking shoes where I found them (feeling slightly guilty that maybe the owner might have come to look for them while I was down there) and we were off to beach hop some more.

I don't remember the name of this beach, but it has the distinction of being the beach where for a few terrifying minutes Brett thought he lost the keys to the jeep in the water.  Then I found them in the backpack.

We drove a lot on roads like this- worse than this actually.  Brett liked it.

This beach was really pretty too.

The next day we got up early and bid farewell to beautiful Milos and flew to Athens where we spent the day.  It was all good because we found that the Athens airport has a kids playroom which was so cool it was a shame we didn't have the rest of our kids with us.  Wyatt liked playing with the toys, Brett worked on his computer, I read a book and as we were the only ones there, when Wyatt got tired, we laid him on the little poof thing and he took a nap -- how awesome is that!  I can't remember how many hours we spent in the airport but it was pretty much all day and because we had that playroom that allowed Wyatt to take naps, it was actually very relaxing and productive.  (It's not swimming in the ocean, but reading a book all day is an excellent vacation day to me!  Also I took a short nap too.)

Then we flew over the clouds and snow-capped mountains to home.

Our kids were absolutely adorable and we loved them seeing them again so much!

Boat trip to Poliegos

On this day we took a boat trip to a neighboring island Poliegos.

This was the advertising picture:

This is Andreas, our brave captain.



Turns out that advertising picture is not photoshopped.  The Blue Bay is amazingly, incredibly blue.

We took a dip.

I climbed up the rock and jumped off!!  Woohoo!  (Okay, not from the very top, cause that would be way too scary.)

Brett found this dried up baby sea turtle on the beach where we stopped for lunch.  We named him Poor Percy and brought him home because we're awesome parents and knew our kids would love a pet.

Lunch was delicious.

Wyatt slept the entire ride home on the little bed down in the berth.

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