Friday, November 8, 2013

Matterhorn Camping - Day 2

So we got to Zermatt and got our first glimpse of the Matterhorn.  Fun fact- it is one of the deadliest peaks in the Alps-- from 1865 when it was first climbed, to 1995, 500 alipinists died on it.

We thought about going elsewhere, but little tip--the Matterhorn is EXPENSIVE!  We just took the underground funicular railway to the nearest stop, Sunnegga.  Which was very fun, so no problem.

After playing on the raft for a while and catching a couple little frogs, we hiked.

I would have loved to hike the 5-Seenweg (5 Lakes Path), but we didn't have enough time to do all of it.

After a while, we got to this lake.  Now Brett says it is not Grunsee (Green Lake), but I thought it was because I asked some people we passed how far away we were from it.  Anyway, it was definitely green, so in my head, it is Grunsee.  And that's cool because now we've been to a Grunsee AND a Blausee (Blue Lake).

We stopped and had a lovely lunch with bread, hard-boiled eggs, deLICIOUS clementines, chocolate cookies, and chocolate.

This is from when Hazel, Talmage and I climbed to the summit of the Matterhorn and looked down on our family.  ;)

Then we took lots of pictures because we had a remote!  (This first one was Brett getting it ready.)


The Matterhorn was kind of like the Eiffel Tower, in that it kept making me want to take more and more pictures of it from different angles and in different compositions.  (Oh you've noticed?)  It is pretty darn magnificent.  

Couldn't pass the raft without a few more rides.

A family (who unimaginatively asked "Are they ALL yours?!") asked if Brett would take a picture of them on the raft, and I thought he looked so cute taking the picture that I had to take a picture. :)

Brett and I thought that with the number of visitors and exorbitant prices they sure had pretty shabby tunnels.

Riding the funicular.

We walked around Zermatt for just a short little bit.

Then back to the train, where a couple from India asked if they could take a picture with us, making sure that all our kids from their various seats came and got in it.  As they didn't specifically say for what reason they were taking the picture, I must just assume that they'd never before seen a family who on the whole is as staggeringly good-looking as us, and therefore wanted to keep our image available to them always.  :)

The end.


Missy said...

Gorgeous photos, as usual! Have you ever seen "North Face"? It's about the Eiger, but just about climbers in the 1940s. Check it out.

emily ballard said...

You are hysterical. And I love, love, love these pictures.

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