Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sing mit uns

 On Saturday I went to a concert in this lovely concert hall in Bern to watch my daughter sing some Christmas songs.  It was wonderful.

Her class and other 4th grade classes from around the area worked on the songs since school started.  Hazel had a cd and part of her homework was to go over the songs and memorize the words.  There were twelve songs, including some in English (okay, not so hard for Hazel ;) ), German, Spanish, Ukrainian, French and Latin.

Only I went to the concert (actually the rehearsal right before the concert) and afterwards I wished I had bought tickets for Brett and the older kids too.

I don't know who uploaded this video to youtube, but I'm very happy they did.  And whichever one is their child was standing somewhere near Hazel, so you can see her -- or rather, the top of her head-- the whole time.  She's a bit short.  Watch for her little dancy hand-wave thingee right at 3:00 then some head bobbing.  It's hilarious.


Kami said...

That is pretty sweet! You should have bought tickets for the whole family. You noodle.

Kami said...

So once Leo came and watched and could actually tell where Hazel was, then we laughed so HARD at the 3 min mark. Awesome!

Alyse and Carlos said...

I love that girl so much. I will be seriously disappointed if she doesn't marry Dallin. The head bobbing/hand waving/dancing was fantastic.

Anonymous said...

That was awesome.Great job Hazel. I want to go to a concert in that hall. It is beautiful!!! Mom R.

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