Tuesday, March 1, 2016

More swimming lessons

So here's Wyatt floating!  He can actually float really really well, unless water gets in his eyes/face, whereupon he sinks like a stone.  :)  And he can't do the roll over by himself.  To pass you have to jump in, roll over and get yourself floating and float for 20 seconds.  Once he jumps in he just tries to grab his teacher.  So in this video she tells him to kick his feet to get himself floating, and then he's supposed to freeze and float, but he keeps kicking for a long time.  :)

This is right after Orrin got hit in the nose with the jar--poor guy!

And Wyatt's awesome face here I love.

Orrin's doing awesome!  He does his backstroke beautifully and is making great progress all the time on his freestyle.

Swimming lessons =

Taking pictures while waiting during Orrin's class.

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