Monday, May 18, 2009


YAHOO we graduated!!! Okay, actually not really because Brett still has to defend on June 12, but he did walk. And it was exciting.

First off, some very blurry pictures of Brett getting hooded.

The ceremony was pretty nice. Those Glee Clubbers can SING, man! Luckily, I had lots of tips from others that made the day go smoothly, such as sending Brett's dad early with him so he could save us a seat (and even then Brett's mom and I didn't go in until after the National Anthem and invocation because when we got there there after the graduates were coming in), and making sure we decided on a place to meet each other before the ceremony. (Thanks Katrina and Tracy, and Brett's parents and everyone!)

One awesome thing was that the only student speaker (one of only 3 speakers total) was a guy are friends with from the other ward. And he did a seriously great job.

And we were totally blessed that it never rained on us!!

Brett with his parents who came from Utah.

These are two friends, Marriner (the one who gave the speech in commencement) and Doug, that graduated from USU and came here the same time as us. Six years ago. Wow.
The funniest thing all week was when I told them to flex and Marriner said, "I am." ha ha!

The most natural smile of all just happens to be on ...the motorcycle. :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

getting pumped...

I'm so excited for graduation! (In fact, I'm a bit worried that I'm over-thinking it and getting too excited, and then it will be a let-down (because I sometimes do that). (I've been thinking and thinking about what I should wear and I think I've decided to just go with a black dress. Any opinions?)) It's supposed to thunderstorm all day on Saturday which bums me out to a considerable extent, so I will have to pray hard that there is at least a small break in the rain that morning. I guess if not, we will have to get Brett back in his cap and gown for pictures on Sunday, which is supposed to be sunny.

Here are some pictures that I happen to have of past graduations to get us all in the graduation mood.

Jethro from Kindergarten:
Kami from nursing:
Megan from nursing (and look at Lindsay's nostrils--ha ha!!):

Me and Brett!!:

Thursday, May 14, 2009

a few unusual things

3 unusual things happened on Monday.

#1. The baby birds hatched. Oh, I guess actually that was on Sunday and Monday because the first two birds hatched on Sunday and the second two on Monday. We found out when Hazel opened the door really hard (I guess, I wasn't there) and a baby fell out onto our floor. I was in the bathroom and I heard Hazel say "Oooh, it's a baby!" and then Jethro said, "How are we going to get it back in?" and only then did my brain start to process what my ears had heard and I came out to see. Ooops... but Brett picked it up (with gloves on) and put it back in the nest and it is still alive.
If you look at the pictures closely you can see when there were just the two babies hatched and they're really tiny, and then three hatched, and the last egg has a little hole where the baby's beak is pecking, and then when it has hatched and looks extra naked compared to the other ones. Ugly little things, aren't they?

#2. Remember the story about the lady who asked me for a ride? well, she came back to my house to ask me for money. She gave me her sob story and I decided to give her some money. But it is weird that she remembered where I lived more than a year later. Hmm. I'm thinking it will be good if we move soon.

#3. I cleaned all day. I mean really cleaned. My house has not been so clean in I don't know how long. Yeah, a clean house is overrated. Just kidding, it is kind of nice to have some things clean that have been terribly yucky, like the blinds in the kitchen, which happen to be right by the high chair, so after years of kids with sticky hands grabbing them it was really time for a scrub-down. And Brett painted a wall in the kitchen and finally put grout in the tile that he added when he put in the new carpet, so it was a very productive week.

Other than household things I haven't done a whole lot. Brett's parents got here tonight and that is very very exciting for everyone.

Tonight I went to a meeting to learn about the Challenge program that Jethro could possibly be in if we were to be here next year. It sounds soooooo completely awesome and I think that will definitely keep me from being too depressed if we stick around. Things like chess lessons every week, TONS of reading, class plays, sewing a quilt, a classroom business, several foreign languages, many field trips, next grade level up in math-- sounds like Jethro would be totally loving it.

And here is a picture of the vase I bought at Goodwill for Kami to see. (Is it what you pictured when I described it to you?) When I was describing it I was having a hard time, and Brett said, "Tell her it's shaped like a woman." And then Kami said that Leo thinks sports cars are shaped like women and that's why guys like them so much. Hmmm. And here I thought it was because they went fast. ;)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day pictures

4 Reasons I love being a mom:

I made the ties for the boys to match the Easter dresses. Turned out pretty cute, but I made Talmage's way too short. Oh well. And it would have been nice if we didn't have our house in the background, but they look nice right before church, and we only have time to snap some in front of the house. Oh well.

Friday, May 8, 2009

picture post

Hazel jumping for joy.
And, some crazy dance move maybe?

This is my favorite picture!! So lovely.
And this little dude is 9 months old!!! What?!! I just want to kiss him all day long.

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