Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Spiral Jetty Excursion

So I was reminded that the Spiral Jetty was still just around the bend, and then the weather cooperated and gave us a day of nearly 50 degrees, so I took the kids out of school and invited some cool cats to come along, and we hit the road!

Utah--a very different landscape than Switzerland.

There's Lindsay Ann following us.

And there's the jetty!

Off to explore!

My mom!



Jack and Orrin ran through the water, and Orrin cried for the next 45 minutes that his legs hurt because they were wet and cold but he got over it.

Trekking northward.  (I actually have no idea if that is the direction we were going... okay I just checked on googlemaps and it was actually southeast.)


Cass and Wolfie.

Jethro went up!  Can you see him right in the middle on top?

 Maybe now?

Scorpion.  (Dead.)


Cass and Hazel.



Still Natty.

Wolfie.  (Not excited to pose.)

Lindsay Ann.

Also Lindsay.

Lindsay again.




Emeline (Bold--it was cold.)

Natalie.  And her shoe.

Wolfie howling.  (Actually just mad because he didn't want me to take a picture.)

Dinner time!  (When I said we just took the kids out of school and hit the road, I meant we hit the road after packing nine days worth of extra clothes, towels, gum boots, diapers, coats and mittens, food, firewood, paper, matches, and so on.  Because we had kids with us.)

Young boys.  Talmage, Cowen, Eli.

Old women.  (Mom is yelling at me because I really said that.)

Many children eating.  I must say the leek and potato soup I made hit the spot (as warm food always does on a cold day outdoors.)

I thought all the kids were soooo cute eating their dinner on rocks.  I don't know why it was so cute but it was.

Baby boys.  Oskar and Wyatt.

 Little boys.  Jack and Orrin.

Jethro took about 20 pictures of me and Lindsay Ann and this was the best one, no joke.

Then Mom made a fire, and Jethro gave us a FHE lesson, and I bribed the kids with Swiss chocolate to go out and be really good for me to take a cool picture and they DID and it WAS!!

My cute little family that I love!!

Jethro and Hazel.

Cassidy, Hazel, Jethro.



Holding the sun.




Cutest little boys ever on a rock!


Timer picture of Jethro and I.

You can see Jack and Orrin hiking up.

Jethro and I.

We found the Delicate Arch!!

What an awesome time!

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