Wednesday, November 6, 2013

First Day of School 2013

 So on Monday, still not quite fully recuperated, the kids started school.  Hazel left first because she has early day on Monday.  She was so cute in her favorite pants and panda mustache shirt.

Fourth grade.

Ethne started first grade!  Grandma walked her up to the school and they had a little balloon-launching ceremony (I think... I'll have to check with Ethne tomorrow).

Sixth grade for Jethro!  Man I can't believe how old he is getting! 

He and Lamin, our downstairs neighbor.  Their class got split this year, so they're not in the same one any more but they still walk to school together on the days that they start at the same time.  Also they take a little extra class once a week called Fliegeri, which is an aviation themed course.  Just a leeeetle bit right up Jethro's alley.  :)

And Talmage started Kindergarten!!!!  (He's holding up a zero for Kindergarten.)  He started an hour or so later than everyone else, so I had lots of time to take pictures of him on his big day.

I love his big eyes here-- I wish I could make an animated gif that flipped between the above and below pictures.  It's so funny how his eyes grow five sizes.  It's like on cartoons when the character gets teary-eyed to beg for something and their eyes suddenly fill half their heads.  :)

He is the cutest kindergartener in the world.  Fact.

Backpack on and ready to roll.

I guess the good side of being so far behind is that I can tell you that he's been doing really great in kindergarten.  I had slight worries that he might get frustrated with not understanding the language very much because he can be very stubborn sometimes, but there have not been any problems and he enjoys kindergarten a lot.  They have forest day once a week and he comes home with creations he's made from the little colored styrofoam things.  However, he hates answering whenever we ask him what he did.  He always glares at us and when pressed, says he doesn't remember.  Silly guy.

And when they all came home for lunch we could finally get a picture of them all together.  Aren't they so cute?

And the whole crew (even an extremely unwilling Orrin).

They looked so cute in this picture I had to crop it.

And then minus Orrin, because sometimes you can't win.

And although I don't think these pictures are from the same day, this kid is adorable.

So I went in my room to get something, and he was so cute sleeping that I had to grab my camera to take a picture, and just as I took it he SMILED!  Awwwwww- cutest picture of my life!!!

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