Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Puddle, an Outing, and a Piano Recital

Here are some pictures of the kids at the puddle with the tadpoles.  Jethro took them for me.

One Sunday I convinced Brett to go to a State Park that is kind of near us.  It felt more like our Sundays in Switzerland when we very frequently found a place to go wandern.

The old mill.

This was at Jethro and Hazel's piano recital.  They did great.  But it went long (hence me playing around taking pictures).

Their teacher gave out awards to everyone.

And these pictures are out of order, because they were taken before we left for the recital.

Look how tall Jethro is compared to the rest of the kids now!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Hazel's Beautiful Almost-12-years-old Photoshoot

The conversation that went with this photoshoot (after I worked very hard to convince her to come out that night at all, and said yes when she asked if she could get a dollar for it) -

Hazel: I thought you said the YW leaders just needed one picture.
Me: Yes, they do. The rest are for me.
Hazel: Why do you need pictures when you have the real me right here?
Me: Someday you'll go away and leave me and I'll just have the pictures to look through and cry over.
Hazel: I'll send you a picture ...once a year.

I can't remember if this look (below) was for one of my jokes that was supposed to be funny but was not, or when I said, "Just one more" and she was like, "yeah, you've said that 500 times before."  :)

Nope, I'm not even going to talk about how crazy it is that she's getting this old and grown up.

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