Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ethne is Seven!

I can't believe it but it's true- Ethne (who had barely turned three when we moved to Switzerland) is now seven years old!  Her favorite animal is a dolphin so she wanted a dolphin birthday party.  I didn't want to do a dolphin-themed party so I just did a dolphin cake for the family celebration.

We had to have her birthday celebration early because Brett left to go to China on her actual birthday and we wanted him to be there of course.

From a different day- Hazel doing something on the computer.  Ha. :)

Then these are from the day that Ethne's class celebrated her birthday, so I walked to school in the morning with everyone.  It was the day after Halloween and we hadn't washed off Ethne's face paint so she decided to wear her costume.

So we walked the farm way, but Jethro walked with his friends Lamin and Marco the other way, and we met up with them as they came up the stairs.  Which was fun.  It is strange to see your kids from a new perspective sometimes and realize how grown up they are getting.

 Then into the school.  Isn't it fun to see your kids in their school environment?  It's like it changes how they look and how they feel.

They had a fun, very involved birthday celebration, much like the Kindergarten one.  It included lighting candles, finding a hidden present, and each classmate shaking her hand and telling her a birthday wish.  Very cute.

This boy is cute too.

She got to have a friend party too but I'll save that for it's own post.

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