Tuesday, May 26, 2020

First Beach Day oct 2019

So, right after I flew back to Utah from Pittsburgh I took an uber and stayed with my friend Jennae near Salt Lake, and in the morning Amy picked me up --she had my van with all my kids and her kids, and we kept driving South to California.

This was at some gas station place on the way... not really Las Vegas at all.

First glimpse of the ocean from Oceanside. 😍

Boogey boarding right away.

Orrin coming in, and Garrett helping Talmage get the feel for it behind.

Gosh I LOOOOOVE blue ocean!!  

There goes Wyatt.  They were all boogey boarding fiends.

Navy figuring out waves. haha

I went to get Navy after she climbed up the side of the pier, and I said to the guys fishing there, "If she fell in, you'd fish her out, right?" and he said, "Oh, I would jump in for her!!" I was like, thanks dude.  

Then we went to a street festival in the evening and it was amazing because there were incredible food trucks with all kinds of food and it was delicious.


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