Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Trails and Trail Rides and Buffalo

So my lucky son Jethro got to go on a camp out with his cousins and Aunt Megan, Uncle Wyatt, and Grandpa.  They went to White Pine Lake and the kids (Danica, Myles, Garrett, and my cousin's daughter Julie) hiked while Dad, Wyatt, and Megan tested out their horses' packing abilities.

From all I heard they had a great time, I think they swam in the lake, and the horses had a good test run for this- their week-long pack ride in the Tetons:

It was fun to be there while Dad and Wyatt were getting geared up and weighing their packs and deciding how much sausage and jerky they could fit in the weight limit and then seeing their pictures and hearing about each of the delicious dinners they made.  :)

And that is officially the end of my pictures from our 2013 summer trip to the States.

But, I want to show some more cool pictures from just last week because they are so awesome.  My dad and Megan and Wyatt and my cousins Cody, Michael, and Clay went on a buffalo roundup on Antelope Island.  It would have been awesome to go with them.

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The Haws Family said...

Love all your posts but especially the lake Luzern one. If I could visit you that's where I'd want to go. Incredibly beautiful. Also your kids first day of school is really cute.

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