Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Navy turned three!!

This picture (below) is my fave!!!!

She likes wearing dresses (the dress in these pictures has been her outfit of choice since I bought it for her several weeks ago), baby anything (if it's TINY and CUTE, she loves it), her stuffed animals, playing with her siblings, pink and purple, and she is the best girl!!

First part of March

Ethne bought a ukulele with her own money and it has been super fun for her and Hazel to play songs.

We brought it to violin/cello lessons and Jethro jammed out.

I always feel compelled to document her best bed-head days.

Chicken tried to get our groceries.

A friend nicely got a BYU sweater for Jethro.

Brett burnt a bunch of our junk.  Picked a nice, windy day for it of course.  :)

Cute brother and sister.

Finally crocuses!!!

Talmage picked a very weird place to read his book.

I told Wyatt to put the shoes in the basket.


Brenda gave us a catapult kit and the kids had fun putting it together.  She said, "I thought it would do better in an engineering family."

Whenever I drive over this bridge I think how fun it would be to climb.  But I'm too scared of getting arrested to try it.

When this was happening, and I texted my mom and said, "You should be here--Brett took apart the oven door to clean between the glass and I feel like it would bring you such joy!"  And she said, "Makes my heart happy just thinking about it."  hahaha

This kid was particularly cute one day so I took him outside to try to take a picture but of course he was just psycho and made crazy faces and then laughed till he cried and could barely stand up.  smh

There's this house right at the bottom of our road that has been empty and ugly and falling down ever since we moved here, and finally the door actually fell in altogether, so I called the police station adn told them that I thought it was dangerous, and never thought anything would happen, but lo and behold, one day an excavator was there and they pulled down the house! 

The boys playing Santorini.  I bought it for Christmas because I think it is pretty and reminds me of my trip to Greece.  :)

Group of volleyball players that play weekly.  It is so fun.  I love playing volleyball with my heart and soul.

We went to pick up Jethro from work one night and got there a few minutes early so we went through the drive thru where we saw this amazing McDonalds worker.

St. Patrick's Day was on a Sunday, so Orrin did not wear his whole leprechaun outfit, but he did wear the vest and tie.  (The hat was just for the picture.)

This is my fairly good cat and dog drawings I did to entertain Navy at church.

 These are my embarrassingly bad drawings I also did at church.  Wow.

And then Hazel complains that she can't draw bears.  Pssshhh.

Her fennec fox is particularly good.

Pictures before school one random morning.

 I have been cleaning things that ordinarily I would never clean for house-selling purposes.  Like this disgusting ceiling fan in the kitchen.

And then the house was completely down.  They then set a fire to it and it is just a small heap of a few odds and ends.  Amazing.

Sleeping baby.

 Sweet road rash from jumping his bike off a little jump they made.

Free icecream cone at Dairy Queen day.  I forget where the other people were.

When she plays that she's cooking dinner, she can't just get ONE pot and ONE spoon.  smh


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