Monday, February 28, 2011

Rumble (part 1)

So, a while back I got an email sent via Goodreads that was my pal Allison’s review of a book.  In her review, she revealed an interesting tidbit of information about herself:

For the book club I'm going to bring my list of things to do before I die and see what people think. I still haven't achieved one that Ben makes fun of me for..."get a black eye"...but really, how can you say you've lived if you've never had a black eye? So if you ever get the chance, like you and I happen to be wrestling or boxing or playing baseball together or something, go ahead and bean me one.

Which pretty much sums up why she is so awesome.  Then we arranged to have a wrestling match sometime so she can get a black eye and I can get a bloody nose, and then we'll take gruesome, bloody pictures.  It'll be sweet.  (Her words.)  :)

Anyway, all this talk of good, old-fashioned eye-blacking got me thinking.  I can already check it off of my list.  Twice actually.  Once when I was a kid I went sledding and had a pretty awesome wipe-out right into a rock, and got the biggest goose-egg in the middle of my forehead that I’ve ever seen, before or since.  (I have pictures to document; too bad they’re not with me, or  I would definitely show them off.  But perhaps my mom will find them for me and scan them in, and then I’ll post them.)  After a few days, that turned into two black eyes.  And soon into greeny-yellow red eyes.  I looked a lot like the this guy.  Beastly.


I remember begging my mom one morning not to make me go to school because I looked so horrific.  She made me go anyway. 

And another time, actually it was the night of high school graduation (well, Kami’s high school graduation, my high school ditching), a bunch of friends and I were playing night games in our backyard.  During one thrilling dash to home-free (the trampoline) I ran into a fairly heavy-set kid and came out of it with a big swollen eye.   I started a new job a couple days later and felt rather silly sporting my shiner.

Of course, one of my favorite black eye stories was this one of Brett’s.  It included a short-lived but merry fight, a stitches show, and later a pretty (fairly small) black eye.


(This particular picture was after the carnival face-painters had made a little “Guess which eye is the TRULY injured one” game.)

But one story I got to remembering—the one I would like to share with you today—was one that included an actual fight.  Sort of.  You see, it was way back …well, maybe I won’t tell just how old I was, because I don’t think I actually want anyone to know just how much I should have known better. 

Way back when, when my cousins Brian and Devonee were visiting us from their cold Northern country.  I think we all tried to stay up the entire night the previous night, and I think we made it until after we did our paper route… I think.  Anyway, the next day we girls- Kami, Devonee, and I, were lazing around, watching a movie, while Wyatt and Brian were outside somewhere, doing something.  (Yes, now you see how this is such an awesome story…the details are all so clear and riveting.)  Anyhow, they came in and told us that some kids had been picking a fight with them and they needed us to come back with them so we could, well, essentially so we could either beat them up or make them think we could. 

Now, I called three people to try to get details for this story (which was really cool, because I haven’t talked to Brian in almost a decade.  Actually, I think we did see other briefly before he went on his mission, but anyway many years), and despite my good reporter skills, I couldn’t come up with a good solid reason how the whole argument got started.  Brian thought perhaps it had something to do with our dog (which is a reasonable guess), and according to Wyatt—the instigator of this whole debacle, “we saw some guys, they said some crap, we came home and got you…” So, there you go.

Well, I do not know why, but somehow we let ourselves be led down such a disastrous path.  Perhaps because our sleep-deprived brains were functioning below par, or perhaps it is true what Kami said, and that we were in the middle of watching the movie ‘The Outsiders’ and, having been so recently influenced by the violent nature of it, we were not showing our normal impeccable good sense.  (Oooh, I like that.  Shifting the blame to the media is always a good move.)

image image


(A picture of Sodapop Curtis.  Because, well… why not?)


ANYwhoo…  we went to the appointed place— the middle school grounds—and awaited the kids.  Who had gone and got THEIR older brothers.  (Kami, Devonee, and I all find it fairly amusing that our brothers came and recruited GIRLS to help them fight.)  And then we saw one of them with a knife.  And then we decided to go home. 

(I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this, but I think I rather like the idea of leaving you hanging.  So, until tomorrow…)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yesterday in Schwarzee

Yesterday we went to Schwarzee upon an invitation from our friends the Beat and Kathrin (and their daughter Saphira).  I almost didn’t go, in order to stay home with the littlest ones, but I finally decided to.  And I’m glad.  Because it was fun.

This was a building I saw on the way there.


Here we are having just arrived, eating our sandwiches for lunch.  Orrin is in the kangaroo pouch on Brett (wearing your hat, Jane! I’ll get a better picture of him in it soon).  (And I apologize for this and the other pictures in which the exposure is way off.  Snow is tricky.)


Then we grabbed our sleds and went onto the frozen lake.  We walked across it, pulling some of the kiddos along.  It was actually fairly warm, and so it was quite slushy.

IMGP6333   IMGP6342

Here we go, off into the wild blue yonder.


Talmage fell asleep in the car on the way there, and he pretty much cried and whined the ENTIRE time.  Brett was less than impressed—meaning, he was about ready to chuck him out the window.   (Maybe Talmage was just offended by our putting him in purple snow pants.)





After we got across the lake we kept walking to this waterfall.  Beat and Katrin told us that they’ve seen it before when the entire thing was frozen, but it’s been so warm that just a part of it was frozen yesterday.  But it was still nifty.



We rested for a bit, took in the view, and ate some snacks.


Jethro explored a bit.



And back we go again.


Brett put Talmage in the backpack and things went much smoother that way.


We saw a witch house.

IMGP6385  IMGP6390




And the sun came out!  That was really wonderful, since it had been very gray earlier.









Ethne ran out of fuel and suddenly I looked back and she was a ways back, collapsed in the snowdrift.  But we told her that she only had a little bit to go until she could get pulled on the sled again.





Back across the lake.






Talmage fell asleep while in the backpack, and stayed asleep in this sled all the way back across the lake.





This guy was skiing across the lake with this parachute-thingee.


These girls had a fantastic time.  And I’m so impressed with their toughness.  Hazel’s boots and socks were completely and utterly soaked when we got back to the van and there wasn’t a peep of whining from her the whole time.  They were just having the time of their lives.  They begged to get to play together afterwards, so Saphira got to come stay with us for the night, and Jethro went to the her house (because we don’t have room in our van for an extra).  Hazel’s giggle-shriek when we gave permission for the sleepover was sooooo adorable.  They had a really fun time too (except in the middle of the night when Saphira started crying and wanted her parents.  Luckily she was easily calmed.)  Cute cute cute.


The end.

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