Sunday, September 27, 2015


We got a pony!!  Her name is Fancy.

Monkeys in a tree.


This picture is to show how awesome/crazy it is to look out my kitchen window and see a pony!

Or out in the front yard.

I like her two-tone tail.

I will say no more at present about the pony because I think it was a bit rash (acting or tending to act too hastily or without due consideration) of a decision (completely mine).  In other words, what one calls a 'learning experience.'  But I will reserve my final judgement on the matter for a bit longer.

And meanwhile, she's so pretty to look at!

Oh, and it was my birthday.  I told Brett I didn't need a cake, just icecream.  :)

Mostly Fire

I am so far behind.  Blah.

This was from a day that Hazel had an awards show for a book writing/illustrating contest she had entered at our library.  She was SOOOOO excited and really really really hoped to win.  

Alas, she did not, and I felt so sad for her.  :(

Quick pictures afterwards by Ethne.

Wyatt had to jump in.

This was a night we were burning stuff.  Then I gave Brett some hairspray stuff that was running out and he played around with it.

 Brett was being really tricky on Talmage's little bike, swerving and stuff.

Ooops!  Ha ha.

These pictures are simply because I was having way too much fun taking pictures of fire.

I can see pictures in the fire always, like clouds.

Sweet brothers.

My brilliant sister Kami made this for me and sent it to me and I love it so so so so SOOO much!  I want to frame it in a really cute frame and have it on my kitchen wall.  That will probably happen within a year or three.

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