Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Baby Brother Got Married

So my little brother got married on 11-12-13.  Sadly, I was not there.  But I did take some time poring over their pictures which I LOOOOOOOOOVED.  I loved Kourtney's dress and flowers and the photographer got some absolutely beautiful shots.  (I am posting them here because I know that someday I'll want to look at them again and I won't know where to look unless they're on my blog.  Plus everyone loves wedding pictures right?)  These are my favorites.


Just for a fun comparison, this is what Lindsay and Ethan looked like when I got married in 2001:

This is what they looked like at Ethan's wedding:

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sing mit uns

 On Saturday I went to a concert in this lovely concert hall in Bern to watch my daughter sing some Christmas songs.  It was wonderful.

Her class and other 4th grade classes from around the area worked on the songs since school started.  Hazel had a cd and part of her homework was to go over the songs and memorize the words.  There were twelve songs, including some in English (okay, not so hard for Hazel ;) ), German, Spanish, Ukrainian, French and Latin.

Only I went to the concert (actually the rehearsal right before the concert) and afterwards I wished I had bought tickets for Brett and the older kids too.

I don't know who uploaded this video to youtube, but I'm very happy they did.  And whichever one is their child was standing somewhere near Hazel, so you can see her -- or rather, the top of her head-- the whole time.  She's a bit short.  Watch for her little dancy hand-wave thingee right at 3:00 then some head bobbing.  It's hilarious.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Today is already the last Monday in November.

This little kid- I may have said it before now- but I just think he's the most delicious thing ever and he gets more so every day.

It snowed some pretty snow and my kids got excited and played in it for a couple days.  Then it rained and melted.

One afternoon we had a bit of sunshine and the kids grabbed a beach towel and laid in front of the window.

I thought the kids' little kitchen set-up on the underside of the chair was so clever.

This band caught my ear and I have been listening to these songs over and over lately:

and several others, including March To The Sea, Slowtown, Holding on to You, and Time to Say Goodbye.

Finally, I'd just like to announce that 4 was the random number selected for my International Day of Commenting, so Rachael, I will get in touch with you.  Thanks everyone for your comments - I appreciate them and you all.  :)

p.s. Heather Anderson, I didn't know you still looked in on me-- I was JUST thinking of you the other day and thinking about who I am in contact with that would be most likely to still be in contact with you, because it's been awhile and I wanted to see what you were up to- and then voila-there was your comment!  Would you mind giving me your email address?

p.p.s. Kayanna I also watch Big Bang Theory when I would be better served by reading a book... ;)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Little video of Wyatt

Wyatt from Kayli Bell on Vimeo.

I made this video one night for no good reason except I heard the music and thought it would be sweet for a video of my baby.  Goodness gracious how I love him.

Mornings can be rough.

Wyatt is at my favorite favorite favorite age.  His cuteness is beyond words.  This particular morning he had a bit of a rough time with the whole being awake gig.

I feel your pain buddy- every morning feels like that to me.

Feeling a bit livelier.

What am I going to do with that boy?  He's so cute I'm going to die.

St. Martin's Day

It was St. Martin's Day again- time for Kindergarteners to make an awesome lantern and parade around with it singing cute songs.  (Just like when Ethne's class had their celebration last year.)

First they came singing down to the soccer field and sang a few more songs.  Then they were handed a little bread man that they had made that day which they then shared with their parents.

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