Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Baby Brother Got Married

So my little brother got married on 11-12-13.  Sadly, I was not there.  But I did take some time poring over their pictures which I LOOOOOOOOOVED.  I loved Kourtney's dress and flowers and the photographer got some absolutely beautiful shots.  (I am posting them here because I know that someday I'll want to look at them again and I won't know where to look unless they're on my blog.  Plus everyone loves wedding pictures right?)  These are my favorites.


Just for a fun comparison, this is what Lindsay and Ethan looked like when I got married in 2001:

This is what they looked like at Ethan's wedding:


Andrea said...

Is it weird that the picture you posted of little Ethan reminded me TOTALLY of Eli? The facial expression, the big eyes. Now I want to go examine all of Ethan's pictures to see if it was just this one expression or if they really do look alike.

Kirsta and Morian said...

I can't believe he's old enough to be married! Course, I think the same thing about Lindsay! Those are gorgeous pictures! Congrats to Ethan!

Alyse and Carlos said...

Those pictures are gorgeous!!! And that dress, wow! I love it! Now I want to have another wedding. I don't think Carlos will go for that. Shame. By the way, I think you should buy the house by your parents and have Brett commute. :) Carlos is now commuting to Portugal, and it's awesome. Okay, not so awesome, but short term it's fine. Tell him you can save on groceries. :)

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