Friday, September 30, 2016

Finishing up June

Little waterguns = endless fun.

Cute baby in one of my favorite outfits.  Love the little pineapples on the blue shirt and the little bitty yellow leggings.

OHMYGOSH is that not THE most delicious, scrumptious, yummy yummy yummy face ever?!?!?

Got forgotten on the living room floor. 

So we were lucky enough to have some friends visit us on their way to family up North.  We were friends in Indiana when I had my first few kids, and Katrina had one.  It's always awesome to visit and catch up beyond blogs/instagram.  The kids played great.  They came to sacrament meeting with us and so we had to get a picture before church.

And here's Hazel holding Hazel!!!!

Daddy napping and Navy being sneaky and not napping.  :)

So cozy in Daddy's arm.

I love this series of photos of Ethne and Talmage.

This face is hilarious.


Another cute outfit for this cute girl to model.

He loves her.

I don't know if the feeling is mutual...

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