Wednesday, December 3, 2014

We're going to....

I just realized that I haven't announced on my blog that Brett got a job and we are moving to 


So after we had flown over from Switzerland and had a few days here, Brett flew to Pittsburgh to do an interview.  It wasn't very long later before they offered him the job.

Honestly, we would have loved to be somewhat closer to our families after being in Switzerland for five years.  For a while, there was a slim chance that Brett might get a job in Colorado, and oh my gosh how I wished and wished for that.  But it was not to be (mostly because it was to do with laser ablation of brain tumors and Brett has no experience at all with lasers).  But we feel good about Pittsburgh and I am getting excited thinking about moving somewhere with a REAL permanent-ish job for the first time.

He will be working for a company called Blue Belt Technology, a company that works on medical devices for knee replacements.  Here is the website:  Now you know as much as I do about them.  :)

Very happily for me, we have a couple friends in Pittsburgh.  One is a family that we knew from Purdue, Mark and Kelli Kimber, who have six kids similar ages to ours.  I am super excited to get to see them (although we probably won't be in their ward or very near them).  They are the nicest and best family!  And the other people we know are Seth and Kristen- Seth worked with Brett in the same lab at Purdue, and Seth is the nicest guy ever (Remember how he helped us replace the windows in our house in Lafayette?) and Kristen is his girlfriend.

So what I know about Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania is very little.  I've never been there.  Kelli told me that Mr. Rogers was from Pittsburgh, so there's that.  Also, apparently we'll have to all learn another language again.

And when I told my brother Ethan that I was moving to Pittsburgh he told me all about how their hockey team has one of the best players on it?  My other brother Derek told me that the Steelers won the night before, and I said, "Yeah, now whenever the Steelers play you can think of me," and he said, "I kind of already do."

So Brett is in Switzerland (he's been gone from me for SOOOO LOOONGGG!  sob sob), but on the 11th he flies to Nashville where he'll present at a conference, and then he'll be totally finished with the University of Bern- and then he'll fly to Pittsburgh, and I'll fly there and meet him and we'll search for a house to buy.  Exciting stuff!  A-because it will be like a honeymoon trip! and B-we're going to buy a house!  Brett is supposed to start working on Jan. 5, so we'll have to see how soon we can get into a house to know when exactly the kids and I will go out.

So, good, happy news.  I am very excited.

But in case you ever wondered, Colorado has WAAAAAY cooler posters than Pennsylvania:


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