Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Very pink post.

When we were in Utah, my sister-in-law Lindsay Ann planned some way fun fairy tale photo shoots for our little girls.

...if your idea of fun is making kids cry by making them get their puckered lips up close to a frog!!!  Ha ha.  Personally I had a grand time. :)

We had many ideas, but when they caught a live frog (I forget who caught it- Lindsay?), we had to go with The Frog Prince.

See how far Hailey wants to keep that frog from her?

That's a leeettle better.  ;)

The girls were sure cute all dolled up.

Hazel was the one who actually REALLY kissed the frog!  (Yes, we did bribe her-but she did it!)

Aww, I love those pretty girls!

Classic Cass.  I love that kid.

And then we did a little bit of Thumbelina.

Natalie was soooo cute!!  She totally stole the show.  So I'm just posting my favorite ones of her.

Princess and The Pea, of course.

Gah!!  She's soooo pretty!!  I love this picture!

What fun.


Kami said...

That was stink in' cute!!!! I loved the ones of them just running and playing. So pretty. And Natalie is adorable!

Kami said...

Umm… stinkin'

Lindsay Ann Rasmussen said...

some kid at a birthday party Cassidy went to got it for us. Thanks again for taking these pics!! I LOVE THEM!!

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