Friday, May 24, 2019

Senior (Junior) Pictures of Jethro

Jethro is a junior this year, but will be graduating (in about two weeks!), so I had a photographer take some senior pictures of him.  We just had a mini session, so we only got a small amount of pictures compared to what I guess a full session would get you, but that's about perfect, actually.

I told him we should go out and I could take some pictures of him on his dirt bike and get a few other, different shots, and he finally did after I bugged him about it a bit, but he was pretty unimpressed with being out there taking pictures with me, and so I feel like that is how he looks in the pictures-- unimpressed.  ha.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

First half of April (roughly).

Jethro's been playing catch a lot lately.  I even heard him say "I should have played football."  I'm not sure where this came from, but I'm glad at least I get some catch-playing out of it.  (Chris Hoke, who played for the Steelers, is in our stake and has a son Jethro's age.  They've thrown a football around several different times, so I try to tell him playing with the son of an NFL player is practically like being a pro yourself...)  Jethro also follows sports a lot which is NOT from Brett nor I.  He was completely exasperated with us one time we were driving somewhere and he kept asking us if we recognized names of famous players, and we were like, "nope. nope. nope. no. no. nope."  And he's like, "How can you NOT know this person?!"  And we're like, pretty easily actually.  :)


 This was from Saturday morning before conference, we went on a little walk with the Bauers.  Hazel climbed some trees.

Ethne and Kiana adorned each other's hair with greenery.

I didn't put the boys in baseball this spring because I knew we'd be busy with moving and selling and everything, but I sure love playing catch with them!

The legos were brought out during conference, which I think really annoyed me at one point.

Look, all of us in one frame.


Between conference sessions on Sunday we had a tree-climbing competition.  I won.

That's me.

Navy is a great climber!  But, she did not pick very appropriate climbing attire, so we had to modify it a bit.  haha.

Hazel got second place.

It's kind of interesting, some kid took about five pictures of me (I was unaware they were taking them) and I was standing with my hand like this, and when I saw them I thought, "I don't stand like that, do I?" but I have since noticed myself standing like that quite frequently.  Strange.

After our tree climbing, we came inside and read this adorable book we had from the library.  I found it very appropriate.  :)

More catch and getting energy out.

I'm so glad they send home school pictures... they're always great for a laugh!

One day I got Ethne and we went on a little trip to check out some bridges.  This was the first one.

 To get to the second one, you actually had to cross this other little bridge first. (I guess technically that makes it three bridges.)

There it is.

I climbed up it.

This pictures (below) is an oldie of me from circa 1995 in Canada.

I did quite a lot of painting this month.  Basement walls, basement doors, exterior doors.

The nice lady at the paint store let Navy help her get the paint ready.


First shade, too bold. Ended up looking too primary blue.


Made it more navy (kind of hard to tell from pictures), and it was perfect!


Wyatt's burn from the motorcycle.  The scab kept getting ripped off, but it finally healed up.

I took this picture because of a conversation on our family text about whether someone's kid should get stitches, and I said I wish I would have gotten stitches on Wyatt's lip when it got cut, because now it's all huge on one side and asymmetrical and weird.  But someone said when my nephew did get stitches in his lip it still turned out like that, so who knows.

Brett and I went for a quick drive one evening and called it a date, and when we got back to the house I told him to stop on the driveway BEFORE we got above the little rise where the kids could potentially see us, so we could talk for ten more minutes.  And Brett didn't want to feel silly stopping in front of our neighbor's houses, so he kept driving farther, and I was like, "No! Stop here where they won't see us!" and he's like, "They won't see us--why would they even look?" and I was like, "THEY ALWAYS FIND US!" Guess who was right?

I can't remember the dates, but one weekend Talmage got invited to go with his friend Zach to his family's cabin.  He and another friend had air-soft wars, and rode a lot of motorized vehicles (I can't remember what they're called... it's not a Ranger, hmm, Talmage is not home so I can't ask him).

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