Thursday, April 28, 2011


So, yesterday I started reading through some of the polls that have been posted on our family’s myfamily site over the years. I was laughing quite a lot. And I noticed several trends. Such as, we have a LOT of polls about who’s going to be pregnant next, what the gender will be of those currently pregnant, what the names should be of those currently pregnant, and the like.

(I like that in the following poll, my mom is one of the options. ha ha!)

Fullscreen capture 4282011 101516 PM Fullscreen capture 4282011 102624 PM Fullscreen capture 4282011 102633 PM

(I was pregnant. With Orrin- remember how I said some people were getting a bit suspicious.)

Fullscreen capture 4282011 101210 PM

(Note another trend in the polls by Megan and Amy—they often threaten/bully you into giving correct answers.)


As our myfamily site began about 10 years ago, many in-laws have been added to the mix, and so of course people have to put up polls about the object of their twitterpatedness.

Wyatt about his now-wife:

Fullscreen capture 4282011 101106 PM

(for the record, I didn’t know Lindsay at the time, and if I had I totally would have picked the third answer!)

Kami about her now-husband:

Fullscreen capture 4282011 100901 PM

Tim posted some interesting polls. Of course, he had to post about his obsession with people picking their nose and eating it. Thankfully, he left it anonymous.

Fullscreen capture 4282011 100458 PM

This is classic Ethan (I like how he can’t even spell his own name in the title):

Fullscreen capture 4282011 100838 PM


Fullscreen capture 4282011 100849 PM

This one is interesting, it was posted before there were any redheaded grankids —we’re currently at six. Only Andrea and I have contributed to the red-head population so far.

Fullscreen capture 4282011 100729 PM

Apparently I like to ask questions about hygiene:

Fullscreen capture 4282011 100957 PM Fullscreen capture 4282011 101052 PM Fullscreen capture 4282011 101418 PMFullscreen capture 4282011 102419 PM

Okay, now some more random polls that I thought were interesting.

Fullscreen capture 4282011 101019 PM

Fullscreen capture 4282011 101245 PM

Fullscreen capture 4282011 101254 PM

Fullscreen capture 4282011 101347 PM

Fullscreen capture 4282011 101354 PM

Fullscreen capture 4282011 101411 PM

Fullscreen capture 4282011 102426 PM

Fullscreen capture 4282011 101607 PM

(Jennae was a friend who was invited to our family website. She clearly does not know Dad the way we do.)

CLASSIC Kami question (Kami do you still know the answer to this?):

Fullscreen capture 4282011 101912 PM

Fullscreen capture 4282011 102053 PM

(for the record, there were not really 4 people who got married at 17- Lindsay and Ethan were not married when they posted their answers)

Fullscreen capture 4282011 102101 PM

(Lindsay was … 21 (I think) when she got married. Just so you know. )

Fullscreen capture 4282011 102155 PM

CLASSIC Wyatt (when he was little he was CONSTANTLY asking us questions like this):

Fullscreen capture 4282011 102205 PM

I think it’s funny I wrote this question about hugs before I moved to Switzerland where hugs –and kissing on the cheeks three times—is the norm for anytime you greet people.

Fullscreen capture 4282011 102303 PM

Fullscreen capture 4282011 102320 PM

Fullscreen capture 4282011 102538 PM

I like this one by Lindsay many years ago. The title is so funny because what she really means is “Meine gute!” –an expression in German that Brett often said.

Fullscreen capture 4282011 110704 PM

And finally:

Fullscreen capture 4282011 102642 PM

Monday, April 25, 2011


So, today was perty awesome.  My awesome friends Talitha and Melinda invited me to come explore some ruins of a castle, and of course that sounded like a good time, so me and the fam met up with them early in the morn.

We walked down a shady little trail.

IMGP8365 IMGP8367 IMGP8368

So, if you look closely at this picture, on the left is the castle as it was in 1500, and on the right is what is left of it.  It kindof covered the whole top of a hill, with steep drop-offs on most sides.


This was the first part we came to.


And the inside of it. 

IMGP8373 IMGP8375

Ethne wouldn’t climb the ladders by herself and would get a couple rungs up and then yell till someone came and got her.  :)


IMGP8380 IMGP8381

There was this little teeny slit where you could get in and see a narrow room that was perty neat, but hard to take a picture of.  I don’t know what it was for.  There’s a picture of Talmage and Talitha from the inside of it, and a picture of me coming out of it.  It was quite the squeeze to get in and out.

IMGP8387 IMGP8388 IMGP8389

And this is kindof the front of the other part of ruins.  It’s much bigger than it seems from the picture.


See, it’s quite big- there’s Jethro in the window thing.


Talitha, Melinda and I had lagged behind a bit, and when we came around to the inside, we were attacked.


So this is the inside – it was very big.

IMGP8398 IMGP8399

See, there’s Brett and Ethne at the bottom to give you a size reference.


On the other side of these windows is mostly rock that they just used as the walls on that side.


There’s Melinda having a teaching moment with Jethro.  She pointed out some markings on some of the stones that could be the mason’s mark who made that brick. 


The whole thing was really cool and made me want to read a Norah Lofts book about an old castle and all the people in it.  Oh wait—coincidentally there should be one on the way to me by means of my parents, along with a few other books I may have ordered.  :)  (My Dad called the other day and said he needed to give me his and mom’s clothing sizes so that I could buy them some clothes since their suitcases will be full of other things that they’re bringing to us.  hee hee)

So then, Melinda and Talitha and I snuck away from Brett and the kids and made our way past the high-security fences to get up to the top of the ruins.  They said that their grandma (they’re cousins) took them this way, and I figured if their grandma did it, it was okay.  :)  And I told them they have a cool grandma, and they agreed.

First you ducked under one fence, then you had to wiggle your way up between this fence (which had barbed wire) and the side of the hill.   It was tight, but obviously no match for our skills.

IMGP8407 IMGP8408

Anyhoo, then we climbed up.


It was a spectacular view.  And the trees are so gorgeous right now with the new leaves against the pines. 

IMGP8417 IMGP8411

So, this totally doesn’t look as precarious as it was, because I didn’t take a picture looking over the edge, but it was a LONG, and I mean LONG drop-off on the right.  And the left side’s drop-off was intense too.  Good thing I like heights.


Melinda and me.  :)




Just sitting on top of the world.  (I’m quite annoyed now that I didn’t take a picture straight down, to show how high it was.)  Although Melinda had Brett take some pictures of us up there with her camera, so I’ll have to post those when I get them.


Melinda and Talitha-


Now a little closer up.


Me and Talitha.


A little closer up.


Just playing a little leap frog atop a dangerous precipice.  Cheap thrills.  ;)


Jethro was mad he didn’t get to come up.


Then we walked down a steep trail (probably the castle’s escape route).


So, you can’t really tell, but this was taken on the trail exactly below the ruin that we were climbing on, and it’s very sheer. 


Then we played in the creek for a while.  It was such a beautiful, perfect day- just so nice out.




Talmage threw rocks into the water for a VERY long time.  He and Talitha were standing there, he would pick up a rock, give one to Talitha, then say “Eee, ooooh, eeee!” which obviously means ‘one, two, three!’ and they would throw their rocks in together.  He loved it.  Luckily Talitha is nice and obliged him for a long time.


Talitha told him to go under this, and he’s like, “What?”


You can just see the corner of the castle up above on the hill.


As is traditional near water, shoes eventually came off and pants were rolled up.

IMGP8456  IMGP8461

I love my baby!

IMGP8468 IMGP8475 IMGP8477

Ethne’s piggy-tails were cute.


Very fun. 

The end.

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