Monday, June 29, 2015

End of June

Work has commenced on the motorcycle, mostly of the taking apart kind.  :)

Jethro attaching some wire to the gate.

Black raspberry picking.  Those brambles are no joke, but free raspberries right outside our door?  Awesome!

 This was our first time picking raspberries, today we picked again, but all my many helpers deserted me after a little bit, EXCEPT for Wyatt.  He stuck by me the entire time!  Incidentally, he was also the one whose berries ended up in his mouth 100% of the time.  :) 

Hazel with berry juice on her face, standing by our tomatoes.  They got huge.  They were even much bigger than this picture--hanging out the top and all out the sides, so I called my mom and she said I could prune them, so I did.  I hope she's right that I'll get just as many tomatoes, because I'm counting on a bumper crop!



Fresh black raspberry jam--so super yummy!

These pictures are for my sister Andrea who told me I need to post more pictures of the inside of my house because she can't picture where I live.  So, here is the eating area of the kitchen.  Looking very bright and shiny and clean, since Jethro had just finished his Saturday's work of mopping the floor.

The entry from the garage/ laundry room, with a tiny toilet and sink in the far back.


Computer room.

Front door entryway.

Computer room as seen from the other doorway.  I'm sitting there right now.

Front room, including the chairs from the kitchen since Jethro had moved them to mop, and clothes piles on the floor.

Hallway leading off to the right from the front entry, and the bathroom.

This used to just be an empty space but Brett made shelves, yay!  We just need to put up a door now for our linen closet.

Hallway leading to all three bedrooms.

My very messy bedroom.

Hazel's dresser and Wyatt's little bed reside in our bedroom right now until Hazel gets a bedroom and Orrin learns to stop wetting the bed at night, respectively.  We had Talmage sleeping in with us while he wore the beeper (bedwetting alarm), and then when he succeeded, we moved him out and Orrin right in.  I have a feeling Orrin might take quite a while, only because we have not really been having a bedtime since it's been summertime, so he is so tired at night.

The little boys bedroom, and also Jethro's for right now until his bedroom gets finished.  And Ethne sleeps in there too until Hazel moves into her bedroom.  So, to clarify, Jethro, Ethne, Talmage, and Wyatt sleep in here now, but eventually it will only be Talmage, Orrin, and Wyatt.  Wyatt's pack and play is in the corner hidden from view.

And this is where Hazel sleeps right now, but it is actually Ethne's room.

So that was our house (minus the basement).  Don't you love how much effort I've put into decorating (i.e. absolutely none)?  Someday, maybe...


A little evening walk.

Can you read it?

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