Friday, May 22, 2015

Some videos

After thinking I had lost all my pictures and videos, it was so wonderful to go through them and watch them, thinking "I'm so glad I have this forever!"   For instance, this video of Talmage talking kills me he was so cute!  I love how he said each word so precisely.

And I bet you can't watch this video of Orrin without laughing!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Many Miscellaneous Matters

Jethro looking good in his baseball uniform.

Good game, good game, good game, good game.  :)  Jethro has improved a lot from the very beginning.  This is his first time playing baseball, so he's quite a long way behind the other kids on his team who have been playing since they were about 4 years old.  But they've been nice.  In fact, he's been given a bat, a bag, and batting gloves.  Also they're really good--for quite a while they were undefeated.  I like watching the games.  Good times.

These are dahlia tubers.  I had to take this picture because they sent me the wrong ones at first and I had to send the picture in.  It was all good because I got to keep the wrong ones, they sent me the right ones and included an apology one.

This was the time Wyatt got tired of waiting for Brett and me to come inside and get him out of the tub, so he got out by himself.  :)

Last weekend Brett took the boys to the Father and Sons overnight camp, so the girls and I went to Applebee's since Hazel had a free dinner coupon from school.  Then we wandered around Wal-Mart and we had a great night.  Then I bought this Batman shirt.  Talmage and Orrin were both a little leery at first that a girl was wearing a Superhero t-shirt, but then Talmage got his Batman shirt on so we could take a matching picture.  But it was too bright.  :)  (Talmage hair is so long right now, and we had fun styling it crazy Wolverine-style.)

The kids found a turtle in the woods so we kept him for a few days before we let him go again.

Our garden.  I love potato plants because they grow FAST!  Waiting is so difficult!

Post hole.


Boy jumping.

He's a jumper.

Sometimes you should not give your 6-year-old a big bike, because he'll look SOOO grown-up riding it.  Think through the consequences people!

Girl in a post hole.


Some of my flower seeds sprouted!!!  Sooooo exciting!

Psychedelic dandelion.

Where did he come from?  He looks like none of my other kids.

This little nosegay is made up of flowers entirely from my garden!  I'm so proud!

He loves jumping!

Hanging out in the branches of the lilac bush.

My peony bloomed.

Brett found a toad in the garage one night, so we put in the box with the turtle.  The kids said hi before they let it go.

I love having libraries again!!  What a joy to get new books to read all the time.  Especially great is when your librarian picks out awesome books for you/your kids and keeps them for you until the next time you come.  :)

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