Sunday, October 18, 2015

September stuff

One of our chickens really wants to be an inside pet.

We entered a lot of stuff at the fair and we won a lot of ribbons!  Are winnings were: 
Jethro-- 1st place for Lego creation (a robot with his Mindstorms)
Hazel-- 1st place for Bar Cookie (mom's blondie/ chocolate chips on top, they were super super delicious)
2nd place for Homemade Snickers
3rd place for her Pastels drawing
(didn't win for her photo or her colored pencil drawing)
Ethne-- 1st place for white potatoes
1st place for Cosmos (I think 1st place, maybe 2nd though)
2nd place for Pumpkin
3rd place for Cookies (chocolate with Andes mints)
(didn't win for cherry tomatoes)
Talmage-- 1st place for red potatoes
1st place for Zinnias
...I think he had one other thing, but I can't remember.
Orrin-- 2nd place for Legos, Airplane (he made an airplane that day and I said, "let's put it in the fair!")
Me: 1st place for white bread
1st place for wheat bread
1st place for Fudge
1st place for Chocolates
2nd place for Pumpkin bars
1st place for Giant Zinnias
2nd place for Color, Scenery photo (of the sea in France)
(didn't win for flower arrangement or SIX OTHER PHOTOS. That was a rip-off.)

With their potatoes behind (and above) them.

Orrin in front of his lego creation.

Orrin's lego creation (on top) and Jethro's lego mindstorm creation (below).

Hazel's chalk-pastel drawing (on left).

Selfies for no good reason (except I probably liked my hair that day).

Piling up the hay our farmer neighbor gave us.

So we're REAL pretend farmers now--with a real live haystack.

Fences are good for hanging laundry on.

Making our basement water-proof.  We had two missionaries come help one Saturday (or maybe it was Labor Day or soemthing) break up the concrete and pull it up after Brett sawed it with the concrete saw.  In these pictures Brett is drilling holes in the wall.

It was a good show watching all the water gush out of the cinder blocks.

How these boys play with toys.

Related to their dad, obviously.

In September I canned a lot.  First I did applesauce.  I got some apples for free from a couple in our ward, but the apples were so wormy and had so many bad spots it was a lot of work to make the applesauce.  Then I went and bought two and half bushels? from a guy who has an apple orchard but sells 'seconds' for applesauce for cheap, and they were still so much nicer and it made it go so much quicker.


Orrin was my helper!

By the end I had made something like 50 jars.  I can't remember anymore and I didn't write it down.

One day after pouring concrete back into the gaps in our basement, we had to turn the water off, so when the rain started pouring down Brett and all the kids ran out and showered in the rain so they would be clean the next morning for church.

Wyatt was not a fan.  :)

Boys and their motorcycles.

Chicken caught in a pallet.

How to extract a stuck hen from a pallet:

We had a fun get-together with the Churts and Bradshaw kids one nice day.  There were a lot of boys! (4 girls and 16 boys to be exact.)

I think the girls were listening to conference here.

Once again, same chicken at the window, dying to get in.

What else happened in September?  Lots of stuff that I'll never remember now because I didn't write about it... I know I canned a lot--I went to the Amish fruit/vegetable auction (so awesome driving down the road and passing several horse and buggies) and bought a bunch of tomatoes and canned V-8 juice which is very yummy.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Fair!

We went to the fair!  With our entrance fee we could go on any rides, so Hazel went on this ride right off the bat.  She LOVED it, so then she got Ethne and Talmage to go with her.

They did not enjoy it.  Talmage screamed and Ethne cried.  Ha hahaa!!

So then we found the kiddie rides and most of the kids enjoyed them a lot more.  :)

Wyatt, just realizing he's scared of this ride.  :)

Then for the REAL reason we came--the RODEO!!!

I love rodeos, watching all the pretty horses and everything.

And--the main event--Talmage rode a sheep!

I wish he would have listened to me and wrapped his legs around, but he "didn't want it to buck."  :)  It was a fun night.

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