Thursday, November 7, 2013

Kindergarten birthday and other things.

Since Talmage's birthday was three days before school started, he had his kindergarten birthday celebration very soon after.  The class came to get him in the special birthday wagon, and he wore the birthday crown as they pulled him up to the school.

The birthday celebrations are intense, and take most of the morning.  It includes lighting candles and a sparkler, which Talmage then carries around the circle while the kids sing to him.  They hide his little present (cute pencil) and play hot-and-cold to find it.  They each pick out a bead to string on a string for him, and as he goes around to each person they give him the bead and tell him their wish for him.  It's pretty great.

Gosh it's the best thing to have a grandma in the house.  We all loved it and were so sad when she had to go back home.

A picture of the kids on the way to school from our window.

And pictures of this adorable boy.





Andrea said...

I really need to take more pics of Oskar.

The Haws Family said...

Your husband must be in China.

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