Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving and other stuff

Thanksgiving Dinner!  Pretty happy about being in America where they celebrate Thanksgiving, and extra happy about being with my family!

Playing some Lightning.

The highlight of the day for Wyatt- getting a ride while Dad vacuumed.

And some pictures from other days- Hazel and Kiersten being matchy-matchy.

Orrin and Wyatt watching Grandma make fudge.

Wyatt wondering why I am his mother.

At the Bean museum in Provo at the live animal show.  I was let down--I have pictures of myself with a big huge boa constrictor around my neck at the Bean museum when we lived in Provo when I was in Kindergarten, and at this show there was a tiny snake, one lizard, and one turtle.  And you could only pet them with two fingers, no holding.  Oh well.

Other things I have done that have no photographic evidence include going to a rodeo in Ogden with my mom and dad and my four oldest kids--I loved it, going to the temple and doing sealings with Megan and Amy and Kam and Andre and Tim and Wyatt and Lindsay Ann and Mom and Dad; going to the play 'A Christmas Carol' with Megan and Amy and some of my kids (while Jethro went to a Jazz game with some other people), going to Crystal Hot Springs with Grandma and the cousins which was a ton of fun.  Wyatt loved it-- Uncle Wyatt even took him down the huge slide and I thought for sure he would be screaming when he got to the bottom, but he wasn't!  He even managed an uncertain 'wheee' and I took him the next time.  I was super impressed that he liked it.  What else?  Jethro went to the temple with Uncle Jared, Danica, Myles, and Lynnaea and did baptisms.  I went to Andrea's house for a weekend.  I played the piano while mom led the choir in church.  Mom is teaching Hazel and Ethne piano lessons.  I miss Brett soooooooo much.  He misses me too--he even sent me a dozen red roses!!!  I can't wait to see him.  The end.

Ooops, I just posted this but now I DO have photographic evidence of some of the above outings because my sister just posted them.  So here we are at Crystal Hot Springs:

After the play with the Spirit of Christmas Present:

And at the Ogden temple:


Ice Skating

The kids loved the fountains, but Wyatt did not love sitting in front of them.  :)

See Hazel skate.

Hazel, Kiersten, Talmage.


Anders and Talmage.

My gorgeous mother and her favorite grandchild.

Megan, Devaney, and Orrin.  But I didn't get Orrin any skates.

Garrett and Myles.

Kam and Amy

All the grandkids that were there (minus a couple).

Proof- I was there, but the other picture my Mom took was totally fuzzy.  Oh well.

Monday, November 17, 2014


So one of the reasons the kids and I were SUPER excited about moving on October 23rd was that we would be in the US for Halloween!!!  And my sister Megan had one of her awesome Halloween parties that I am always so sad to miss.  I love Halloween!

Here are the kids in their costumes.  I always love a good cowboy costume, and I thought Orrin was the cutest little Indian chief ever!  My goodness my kids are so cute.

 My brother Wyatt, the mad scientist.

Cousins playing games.


We had a good showing of cowboys!

Orrin at the tomahawk-throwing game.  I mean beanbag.  :)

Wyatt throwing his beanbag.

After dinner and games, we took our enormous group of kids trick-or-treating.  It was a nice warm night and it was so much fun!!!  Andrea, Lindsay Ann, and I had our youngest - Oskar and Wyatt only 1-year-old and Natalia and Jack Jack who are 2 and 3 with us while Uncle Wyatt took ALL the rest who were waaayyy too fast for us.  Those littles though were ADORABLE.  Wyatt wouldn't let me hold his bag for him for anything.  It was just so cute and fun.  Thanks Megan if you ever read this!  You're my favorite sister who puts on awesome Halloween parties!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

What we've been up to at Grandma's house

A little of what we've been up to:


Wyatt looooved riding and when we took him off he said, "up! up!"  :)  Sadly we didn't get a picture of it, but after these pictures were taken I got on Rio and was riding.  I started loping around the corral and then Rio suddenly did this huge stumble, and then hopped for a little bit, and then Brett and Mom told me to get off, so I did, and Rio was holding up his back leg.  Luckily he stopped limping on it after just five minutes or so.  And then I felt good that I hadn't been pitched off.

Leaf Crowns

Helping with Chores

A bunch of grandkids helping Grandpa and Grandma pull weeds in the far pasture.

Started School - Ethne had to get four shots, Jethro one.  Hazel's holding up a five and a two, to show the second first day of fifth grade, and Ethne's second first day of second grade.

Jethro's second day of seventh grade.  He's so handsome. :)

 Talmage trying to hold up a zero and a two.  He goes to afternoon kindergarten.  He didn't start going the same day as the other kids because I can't find his immunization card, so they wouldn't let him.  But then they called me and said if they classify us as homeless, since we're not living in our own residence he could go.  So I said okay.  So now I'm officially homeless.  :)  He sure has a lot more homework now than the none he had in Switzerland.  But luckily he's doing well.  It's a good thing we started learning to read on our own or else he would definitely be behind.  He does great with his math.

More helping with chores - clearing out the garden and yard

Wyatt picking off the last few remaining raspberries

Talmage playing with Roxy

Haircuts for the little boys

Making bread with Grandma

Jumping on the trampoline - all the kids love it, Wyatt jumps on everything now.

 More riding

 Silly Grandpa got carried away and took the baby off with the saddle.

Playing with Cousins

And going to church

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