Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Museum Time

This is Hazel, Talmage, and Jethro (and Ethne--you can see her legs and her piggy-tail, which looks like it's randomly sticking out of Hazel's head) and our friend Saphira at the Natural History Museum in March 2010. 

This is Wyatt last week.

This was Jethro four years ago,

this was Hazel


and Talmage last week.

Too bad I didn't take pictures of everyone so I could have done cool comparisons for everyone.  But when we're at the museum I just kind of snap pictures of whoever is around.

Except for him.  I take many many pictures of Wyatt because he makes my heart go squeezy.




I see dead people.

Okay, okay, they're not really dead!  Jethro just saw instructions in a random book for how to take pictures making it look like ghosts and he went and took these.  Pretty impressive.

I hope you can sleep tonight.

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Boy I LOVE to Love

Wyatt said his first word today.  It was while looking at the book Ferdinand by Munro Leaf.  It was 'Moo.'  He said it about 6 or 7 times and you better believe it was the cutest thing of all time!!

In honor of that, here are many pictures of the cute little guy.  These first ones were taken at Stake Conference.  He did have a church shirt on, but then on the drive to Zollikofen he threw up a little bit on it, so it was removed.  (It was kind of funny actually.  I was sitting next to Wyatt instead of in the front because we were giving someone a ride, and we were about 3 minutes from parking when Orrin said "I need to throw up."  I told him we were almost there so he should try to wait.  He said, "Do you have a bucket?"  And I said no, then turned back around and saw Wyatt go bleeeeeeechh.  Silly.)

(Pictures taken before the broadcast began by the way.  p.s. Did you know Elder Bednar speaks German?  He does.)


I tried some cornstarch mixture thingee and it didn't last very long and made a huge mess.  Thumbs down.

Wyatt's 'STOP BOTHERING ME ORRIN' face (accompanied by a loud squawk) that he makes every time Orrin gets close to him.

Oh my darling boy-- he's just soooo adorable and getting WAY too grown-up looking!!!


Thursday, February 20, 2014


Here's Jethro and Hazel four years ago when we had just barely moved to Switzerland, standing in front of the fridge to show how tiny it is.

And here they were just a little bit ago. 

They're not quite that tall--they're both standing on tiptoe, but Jethro is in the original picture too.

And here was Talmage, practically a baby!!  Oh sooo cute!!

Now he's a huge kid!

Orrin didn't want to e left out of the picture-taking-by-the-fridge excitement.

And this little cutie.  Still shortish, thankfully.

Quite a lot of growth in the past 4 years.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Family pictures

There were a LOT of outtakes.  And it is really hard to get eight people ready for pictures.  Also, I spent a LOT of time curling my hair, used a lot of hairspray, and it lasted all of five minutes--look, it's like I never curled it at all.  Why do I even have long hair?  Sigh.

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