Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ethne's Pajama Party

As I mentioned, Ethne wanted to have a dolphin party, but I ixnayed that and tried to think of something that I was more excited to plan.  I thought that it would be fun to have a pajama party, and when I did a little searching for ideas online, a few different Pancake and Pajama Parties came up, so I since that sounded fun and easy I rolled with that.

Here's the invitation that I even copied from someone else myself! Except of course I had to have Jethro and my friend Daniela help with the translation.  It says 'Wear your favorite pajamas and come to Ethne's Pancake and Pajama Party!  Ethne is turning 7 years old!'

Gotta have a few balloons on the ceiling to make things festive.

We played a bit of musical pillows.

And then we had some dancing and some pillow fighting.

I fried up the pancakes while they were dancing and then we had pancakes with some fruit and berries and whipped cream and chocolate.

And some cake.

Let's see if I can name all of these girl without Ethne's help- L to R: Nadja, Luna, Lea, Hazel, Ethne, Wyatt, Noemi, and Chiara (I think).

Everyone loved Wyatt and wanted to hold him.  At one point some of the girls had gone into Hazel and Ethne's room and when I went in, they were actually dressing him up in some clothes like he was a doll.

One of Ethne's presents was a set of tattoo markers for drawing on yourself, so they started doing that.

Which left the (girl) lego set for these two boys to put together.  :)

Good times.

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