Monday, December 31, 2007

Live from Chicago

I am here in Chicago, visiting my lovely sister Kami. Kami is puking about every twenty minutes. It makes ME never want to be pregnant again, and I don't even get morning sickness!

But we have been having fun and laughing and doing crazy things like quadrupling a batch of chocolate pancakes because of a small issue with calculating a measurement of baking soda. Good times. Luckily, the pancakes are very delicious. With whipped cream and strawberries they are superb. Good thing since she'll have some in her freezer for quite some time. :)

My sister Lindsay told me a funny story. She's been at home from school for Christmas break, and one night when she came in, Ethan said, "Get out of here. You don't live here anymore. You're not allowed here." And she said, "I have doughnuts," and he said, "I accept you." Ha ha.

Speaking of my sister Lindsay, how many of you think she will wait for her misionare? I was talking to a missionary at church yesterday who goes home in about two months and it came up that his female friend dear johned him about nine months into the mission. He said it's okay--it was actually the most liberating day of his whole mission (but really, what else could he say?). Anyway, he claims that 98% of missionaries with a girlfriend get dear johned. So I was trying to think if that was consistent with my own experiences. I know my brother got dear johned, Kerry's husband dear janed a girl to marry Kerry, but my sister Andrea married the guy she dated before he left on his mission (though they didn't write each other while he was on his mission), and Ginger was still available when Loren came home. So if you had a missionary relationship, tell me if waiting worked or not waiting worked out for you. (I know, I know, you're not supposed to confess that you were "waiting", but you know what I mean.)

We started talking last night about how a guy in Brett's lab is going to get some mice with no immune system who live in a sterile environment to do experimentation on soon, and so the famous mouse with a human ear on it came up. You have seen this picture, right? Pretty nasty.

Hmm. Those are my thoughts for now. Have a nice day.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


A chicken I made for Hazel. Here's the instructions.

A monster I made for Jethro. Here's the link (although I don't think the link goes to the beginning.)
What I made for my sister Megan and her family.

Funny kids.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Family Pictures through the Years

Notice how none of them were taken when I'm pregnant. I'm clever that way. :)

My weekend.

Well, I'm back. I got as far as the title and then had to go clean up and bathe a VERY poopy little baby, but at least I did my damsel in distress yell so well that Brett helped clean all the little spots on the carpet. I guess too many grapes at once wasn't such a fabulous idea. Hmm. And then, Hazel (who was very tired and whiny so she got sent to her bed where she fell asleep) woke up because she had wet the bed (I was afraid that would happen), so I changed her sheets and we got Jethro in his p.j.'s and prayers said and off to bed. So.

But that's not really the parts of my weekend I was going to share. On Friday night we had our ward Christmas dinner/party. (There's Jethro on Santa's knee--you can see that he paint all over his face from the kid's table where they were doing face painting and other stuff. He did it himself. :) ) When we got home, there were a couple packages from grandparents, so we took out the presents and put them under the tree. Then, after the kids went to bed I opened them all up. I just can't wait. Brett shakes his head at me, but I was very glad I did, because they each had some p.j.s, and usually I have a tradition of giving p.j.s on Christmas Eve (my family did this too) but this year I had some for Jethro from a garage sale earlier, but not the girls. I looked at Once Upon a Child, but there wasn't anything great in Hazel's size, and both girls already have a lot of p.j.s for their current size, so I just thought I'd forgo the tradition for this year, since I didn't want to buy new when they weren't really necessary--but turns out I didn't have to! So I took their p.j.s out and rewrapped them individually for Christmas Eve. Yay.
Here are some Christmas Eve jammies pictures from last year and the year before. That's my brother Ethan and sister Lindsay in the middle one.

Then on Saturday morning I went to a baptism to play the piano, and I actually got a little bit misty when the mom was giving her talk about baptism and she said how she was packing her son's bag today with all the things he'd need, and how it reminded her of packing a bag 8 years ago before he was born. Then I started thinking about how in a short two and a half years MY son will be getting baptized! It's pretty unbelievable. It makes me think I need to teach, teach, teach him. But he is already a very good kid. What a lucky mom I am.

Then I came home --and though I had been feeling chipper all morning, I started feeling a tad bit sick. I ate lunch, and then Brett took Jethro and Hazel to the library, and I stayed home because Ethne was still napping. There was a lot of things I should have been doing, (dishes, folding laundry, etc.) but I decided I would take a quick nap on the couch to hopefully feel better. Well, I slept a little bit, but then someone came to my door, so I hopped up really quick, answered the door, chat chat chat, and then when they left I suddenly felt AWFUL---soooo terrible. So I went to the bathroom and was hoping to maybe thow up so that perhaps it would make me feel a little better. Well, gradually my vision started clouding and I felt like I might die (not literally, I just felt really sick), and then I guess I fainted because I was on the floor and my head hurt from smacking it on the tub. It was so weird. I sat up and I broke into a sweat immediately, but after sitting for a little bit, I gradually started feeling better.

Ethne had woken up when the people came to the door, though, so I was quite worried that I wouldn't be able to do anything, and I wondered if I should phone the library and tell Brett to come home right away. Fortunately, he walked in the door right then, and I told him what had happened. He said I looked as white as a ghost, and he was a wonderful guy and let me lounge on the couch the rest of the day while he took care of everything. Actually, Ethne was pretty feverish too--she had gotten her 12-month immunizations the week before and the doctor told me she might have a fever reaction in a week. So, I laid on the couch and she laid on me, and I got to just pat her back and rub her forehead for a while. It was quite nice, since normally she would never do that.

Anyway, I felt better and though I was worried about whether I would be sick the next day or not, I pretty much was good after that. Except for a tender head.

So, today was our special Christmas program in church, with lots of hymns and musical numbers. It was planned for last week, but switched to this week because of church being cancelled for snow last week. (Which is why I was pretty worried about being sick--I could've called someone to play the organ, but that would have been VERY mean!) I even played one hymn sans-practice because the ward choir had too few people there to sing, so we did it for the congregation. Luckily it was an easy hymn and it sounded about the same as the other hymns that I had practiced (which is good or bad depending on how you look at it ;) ).

But the highlight was definitely when this guy in our ward with a P*H*E*N*O*M*E*N*A*L voice sang 'O Holy Night' (which is one of my favorite songs). His voice is amazing. He is somebody who doesn't use a microphone and it actually really fills up the whole room (many people don't use a mike when they should). And I thought that all my humiliations and embarrasments of playing the organ were all worth it because I was sitting right in front (and a little to the side) of him. Man. It really made me wish I had an incredible voice exactly like his (except that would be a little weird, because I'm not a man (at least I could have inherited a little of my mom's voice, which is also amazing and beautiful, but I didn't, so I'll have to settle for inheriting a bit of her fantabulous good looks. ;) )). Anyway, that song is awesome. Some of my favorite lines:

Behold your King! Before him lowly bend!
Chains he shall break, for the slave is our brother.
And in his name all oppression shall cease.
Sweet hymns of joy in grateful chorus raise we,
With all our hearts we praise His holy name.
Christ is the Lord! Then ever, ever praise we,
His power and glory ever more proclaim!

Anyway. Moving on. I got to go to primary today to play the piano, and it was really fun because I like primary and because Hazel got to come visit with all the other nursery kids who will be the new Sunbeams in January. She's excited. She LOVES nursery, but we're trying to psych her up for being in Primary where Jethro is and everything.

And I got to wear my new black dress! So, I'll post a picture per request. (I know they aren't that great, I'm tossing around the idea of getting nice pictures taken with the girls with all of us in our black dresses, cause that would be fun!) I felt very stylish, but apparently I had misunderstood when I said that Brett didn't like the neck but liked the rest, because he said it looked like I was walking around in a bathrobe. Hmmm. How very honest you are, honey. Oh well. At least when he tells me I'm beautiful I know he really means it. :)

Anyway, have a very very Merry Christmas!!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

4 more days!

Yesterday Jethro's class had a little program, and he was soooo excited for it, and for me to come to his school to watch him sing. I was quite excited too--unfortunately I got there about two minutes late and they were already through about five of their 10 songs. Oh well. He was so cute standing there singing so well, and he waved at me when I came in. I just love that kid. He's getting so grown up and he's so nice and thoughtful. Doubly sad was that Brett had stolen the camera so I didn't get to take a picture of him. :(

I'm very excited for Christmas! We're all done shopping for the kids (quote from Brett: "My favorite part about Christmas is test-driving their toys to make sure they're good." Like last year when he opened up Jethro's remote-control car and played with it for a couple hours on Christmas Eve) and I'm just finishing up making some cute little things for them, but every day I ask Brett if we can just open the presents tonight. He doesn't ever buy it. Spoil sport.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Study of Hazel's eyes


Holding her m&m's that she got for doing her best to hold still for all those pictures. :)

In other news, Brett got me this dress for Christmas (meaning, I came home and said, "Brett--I think I found what you want to get me for Christmas!") and he doesn't like the neck, (it's kinda high around the back and sides) but other than that he likes it. I'm excited to wear it to church on Sunday, since church was cancelled last Sunday.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Many funny Ethne pictures.

Look who's walking!!!!! So cute.

Remember the Christmas angel pictures of Hazel? Well, this is what I got when I tried it with Ethne. Reminds me of that book, The Littlest Angel, where he's always running around, losing his halo. :)

Hmm, what's in the package? Oh... Ethne!
The other night Ethne was trying to pick up this doll, but since it's as big as her, it ended up pinning her. Ha ha!
Outside in the snow today.

And THIS is the new classic Ethne face. I don't know why, but suddenly she's a lean-mean-glaring-machine.

Cute girl. I had to dress her up and take pictures because it was so bright outside today, with the light reflecting off all of the snow. Brett came in and shook his head at me, putting her in a summer dress in the middle of winter. But she's so cute!

Ha ha!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Sleeping pictures

There are several reasons why I love this picture.

One is for the same reason my uncle took the picture--because they look like they're dancing.

Also, I love how my mom looks like Sleeping Beauty. She has such lovely skin and lips and eyebrows. She's a very beautiful lady, my mom.

And look how young they look! They were visiting my Uncle Monty and Aunt Melodie at Rexburg and when my uncle came out he saw them asleep in this position and took their picture.

Here's another sleeping picture. It's my sister Megan and her husband Jared. I love how they are being each other's pillows.

I kindof wish I had a sleeping picture of me and Brett. But unfortunately, it's not really something you can set up, is it? (Though, any family reading this that is somewhat likely to see me and Brett napping some day, remember to take a picture--but only if I have mascara on.)
Does anyone else have a picture of you and your spouse sleeping? If you do, you should post it and leave a comment. It would be fun.

Anyway. In other news, I forgot my kid today. I was chatting with my mom on the phone, chat chat chat, and suddenly I yelled, "What time is it!" and then I said, "I have to go, I forgot Jethro!" and then I ran to his school and picked him up, thirty minutes late, but he said he forgives me. (The kid is not a grudge-holder, thank goodness!) Unfortunately, they tried to call while I was running over, and getting no answer, called Brett at work. Brett tried to call me, but getting no answer, decided he'd better go get him (even though he kinda figured I would be taking care of it). So, he came home from work an hour or so early, to find me at home with Jethro. Umm, hi.

And it wasn't even him that answered the call at work, it was Seth. So Seth says, "Umm, are you supposed to pick up your kid?" And Brett's like, "uhh, I don't think so." Yeah, we're really responsible parents.

But on the bright side, maybe I'll get in shape if I keep forgetting him (on days that we don't have the car), and have to run to his school.

Oh well. I did make some yummy bread and also some chocolate centers today. YUM! And my sister Lindsay called and tried to get me to tell her what we're making her for Christmas but I wouldn't give it away. Haa ha.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Do you and your spouse ever do this?

This is a purely hypothetical situation.

Husband-- Hey wife!
Wife-- Yes husband?
H-- Were you going to go get a movie like you suggested earlier?
W-- Nah. It's too late, already 9:30.
H-- Oh. ....Well, do you want to go get me some kitty litter?
W-- What?
H-- Well, there's this big mess of oil all over the garage floor I'm trying to get cleaned up.
W-- Umm, don't you want to go get it?
H-- Well, you could just run and get some for me. cheesy hopeful smile.
W-- Do you have to have it right now?
H-- Well, I'm trying to clean up right now.
W-- Right now?
H-- Never mind.
Wife leaves, but comes back after a few guilty minutes of just mucking around the internet.
W-- Do you really need me to go get some?
H-- Never mind.
W-- Do you really not want me to anymore, or are you just saying that?
H-- If you don't freely want to help, then I don't care.
W-- Do you not like me anymore?
H-- I never said that.
W-- So in the bottom of your heart do you really want me to go get the kitty litter or not?
H-- I don't care.
W-- I changed my mind. I do want to help you. Look, I'm going to go get the kitty litter.
Wife starts getting shoes and coat on
H-- Look, you don't have to go. It would be one trip just for kitty litter. You can get it later.
W-- But I already have my shoes on.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Part Three

I better write Part 3 here quick, cause then I have some other projects I need to focus on before Christmas--and I wouldn't want to leave you all hanging!

So, to pick up where I left off…we were together every free second of every day, and I was so very very very happy. I remember in particular one night we were going somewhere on the bus, and as we were walking to the stop it was snowing the big, huge, beautiful soft flakes and you could see them in front of the streetlamps, and it was quiet and no one else was out there, and Brett was being funny and we were walking along, hugging every little while. It really was like a Christmas card picture, and I just felt so …happy.

Very soon, we started to think about the future of us. We started to play the hypothetical game, and say “If we WERE to get married….” but we didn’t seriously discuss it. Actually, I remember one night, and I THINK it was the very first night we got back together (but I could be wrong), we sat in the lobby outside Brett’s and Kami’s doors, and we were sitting on the couch talking, and for some reason we started being kinda silly and Brett was talking about when we were married…and he said random and ridiculous things like having a shop where he worked on custom cars all day long, coming home to strawberry-rhubarb pie that I had made, and having a son named Jethro. (Yes, honestly he said something as crazy as that!)

School is funny because that’s why you’re there, but it’s so inconsequential in the midst of being in love. Hee hee. Everyone said we would fail our finals with all of our not-studying, but of course we did not. And we did study. A little. One time Brett and Drew were studying in their room and I was pretending to study on Brett’s bed, and Brett worked out a really long problem and when he checked it and had gotten it right, he jumped over to where I was and started kissing me. He said to Drew, poor Drew, “This is my reward.” And Drew said “They train dogs that way.” And Brett said, “Ruff!” (Although I know they train dogs with rewards, I’ve personally never heard of rewarding dogs with kisses.)

And because I am brilliant, every time I did not know an answer on one of my finals I put B for Brett. Worked like a charm.

And so, after finals, we had to part. I remember Brett helping load a few of my and Kami’s things into Andrea’s car, (we were together until the last minutes, sniff sniff) and him telling me his phone number at his parent’s house, and I swear I had it memorized the second he told it to me. Then we—Andrea, Kami, me, and a friend whose family also lived in the barren tundra of NoDak—drove off. It began well, for I happily told them tidbit after fascinating tidbit about Brett, and then they told me I was only allowed one Brett story per hour (they were a little fed up…I believe it also smarted that it was their YOUNGER sister contemplating marriage). What?!! This was only a 17 hour long drive—which means I would only be able to talk about him 17 times!!! You may imagine my horror. But fear not, I snuck in a few extras when their defenses were down—like when they were fighting over what kind of music to listen to.

Being home for Christmas was fun, and yet the highlights for me that year were every time Brett called. Brett normally does NOT talk on the phone. But he talked to me a lot during that time, so I know he really loves me.

Now, my mom knew about Brett, but tried to deny that he existed, or at least that we were really going to get married. She said that I had promised to come back one summer, since I had left early (skipped grade 12), Lindsay, unbeknownst to me, was exceedingly sad that I was leaving her, but my dad took down the calendar and started planning the best day for us to get married. He did have an “interview” with me first. It went like this.

--How old are you?
--How old is he?
--How many boys have you dated?
I didn’t know to what extent he meant, like just gone on A date with, or actually gone ‘out’ with them, so I estimated somewhere in the middle.
--Do you think that’s enough to give you a good comparison?
--I don’t know.
--Well, is he kind?
--Is he a good guy?
--Yes. (I tried to come up with a better answer in this nerve-wracking interview) He’s very honest and hardworking. (Hardworking was the number one thing I told my mom over and over again. She LOVES work. Actually, I have been told that I married my mom in male-form, for Brett loves work too.)
--Does he have a sense of humor?
--Does he like to read? (You didn’t know this was on the list of requirements, did you.)
--Yeah, I think so. (Actually he didn’t so much back then, but now he reads a ton. I converted him, thank you very much.)
--Who’s his favorite author?
--I don’t know. (I should’ve lied and said Louis Lamour, that would’ve scored some points. Hee hee. Now his favorite authors are Dumas, Dickens, and Tolkien. He likes LONG books.)
--Does he read his scriptures every night?
--Yes. And he goes to the temple every week.

Brett said his family was kindof avoiding the subject (at least that’s what he thought), but then one time he talked to his dad, and he said that Brett shouldn't feel like he didn’t have their support and that they knew Brett would do what’s right and no matter what he’s behind him 150%. Awww. And his mom said that she’d always wanted red-headed grandkids. (Sweet!---I knew my red hair would come in handy sometime!)

So we’d talk all night long about a variety of things, like how he’d started a fire in the vehicle he was getting a frame from in the junkyard. One time he was talking about rings, and he told me that he’d once watched a show about making jewelry, and he’d thought it would be cool to make his wife’s ring. I was like, sure sure, not thinking this would ever happen…but five years down the road he really did make me a ring. (It’s the wedding band part. It matches his ring and I love it. Very much. He made it out of a scrap of titanium he found in the shop at school.)

I wrote a lot in my journal over Christmas, because I wrote a lot about Brett, and most days it said something like, “The countdown to see Brett is 12 days. The countdown to talk to Brett is 1 day,” (we only called each other every other day).

One night I was typing an e-mail to Brett and Wyatt and Ethan gagged me and tied my arms and legs to the chair and carried me out to the front room and laughed at me. Rudies. (Oh, and they put that hat and whatever else is on my head on me.)

I went to a party with a bunch of highschool friends and my sister Amy said she’d lend me her wedding ring to wear, but I decided not to. Though it would’ve been wild.

Brett’s brother Blake was just leaving from the MTC to his mission in Germany, and we seriously considered Brett driving up to meet my family, and then me driving back down with him to meet Blake, but we didn’t want to spend all that money.

One night one of my cousins called me, who I hadn’t talked to in ages, and was like “So you’re getting married?!” I thought it was crazy how fast word gets around…especially since it wasn’t at all official yet.

Finally we made our way back to blessed Utah, but we stayed in Bozeman for the night. I awakened everyone at 7:00 so we could get on the road (again, a miracle that I was the first one awake and chipper and ready to go).

We were very happy to see each other. :)

That evening, though he hadn’t planned on it, Brett asked me to marry him and I said, “No way!” Just kidding. I said yes. :)

We weren’t going to tell everyone for a while, but that night, some people invited us to play games and we were playing Catch Phrase. On Brett’s turn, he got the phrase “diamond ring” (isn’t that crazy?) and he said, ‘What I’m going to buy you!” and I said, “A ring?” and he said, “what kind?” and I said, “A diamond ring?” and everyone turned and stared at us.

So that’s it. Then we got married the day after finals. (My B for Brett trick worked again!)

And my grandpa said my sisters had to dance in the pigpen because their younger sister got married before them. I’d never heard of that before, but I thought it was a fun idea.
And yes….my dad had to mail a notarized consent for us to get a marriage license.
Here's a quick summary of the next seven years:
Kid #1

Kid #2
Kid #3

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