Monday, March 30, 2020

More Sept - Kayaking, Randomness, Family reunion, canning, etc

So, funny thing. When we were trying to decide where to move and we looked at a bunch of different locations, we of course searched Zillow and had some favorite houses in each location. Well Talmage would always say that it had to be close to a lake or river so he could go kayaking... he didn't have a kayak, but he was positive he needed to be able to kayak frequently. He would check maps and veto houses that didn't have water close to them. Well, obviously we did not have "close to kayaking spot" on our list of criteria for picking out our house, but *turns out* you can go left OR right from our house and have a place to kayak within about five minutes. Talmage saved his money up and when the sporting goods store in town had a Labor Day sale he gave me his money and told me to buy him a kayak. So I did. And today he went and paddled it around.

The following pictures are just because I thought Talmage was looking particularly cute, idk why. Obviously, he did not want me to take pictures, so I think I bribed him or something.

 And he made a lot of faces like this.

And this is Orrin in a weird blue suit-thing, beating up Ethne in a pirate hat.  ?

He's dang cute, even in a weird blue suit-thing.

This is a staged picture of Lindsay helping me put books away, because she really had helped me but I didn't take pictures at the time.  I was so grateful for the help of all my sisters and family!!

Misty morning.

Picking peaches with my mom and Navy and Molly.  I miss peach season!!!

Smashing family party today. 👌👌Lots of people (we took more sister pictures because Lindsay is going back home to Florida this week ☹️(we must not love our brothers or dad or in-laws 🤷)), lots of food, football, foot races (which I WON except for my 15-year-old nephew but he didn't count), playing in the water...which was somewhat expressly forbidden, chatting, and good times.


Aunt Megan pulled out Wyatt's tooth.  I have a video of it somewhere.  I wish it were easier to find my videos on the computer.

The same-highschool kids together.

Me and Jennae, my college roommate.

Never ever going to can again without my dream team, mom and dad.

Quick hike.

You're welcome for that.

These kids went and listened to John Bytheway and Hank Smith and Meg Johnson.  They waited in line and met them too, but didn't have a phone to take a picture together with because some cousins had already left. (I told them everyone there was nice and would have sent them a picture.  Oh well.)

p.s. I'm so far behind!!!  I'll never catch up! 😭

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