Thursday, August 27, 2009

And the answer is.....

Okay, I'll take pity and tell you the answer. Dah dah dah DAAAAAH!!!

The answer is C. I am not pregnant. (But thanks for all the congratulations anyway. ;) )

Which means WE ARE MOVING TO SWITZERLAND!!!! I am very excited.
Brett would have taken the job at Utah State, but they didn't end up offering it, so we had to decide whether or not to go to Switzerland. We did a lot of homework, asked a lot of questions, and then jumped.

It's a post-doc, so a two-year position. Brett will be a researcher at the University of Bern, studying computer-aided surgery.

On our to-do list--
get passports for me and the kids (while we're waiting, we'll stay with my parents and Jethro and Hazel will go to school for a while there)
put our stuff in storage at Brett's parents' house
go through the boxes of clothes to pull out the things we want to take with us (it really is too bad we didn't know we were moving to Switzerland when we were packing)
find a place to live
other varied and headache-inducing errands and decisions
Please come visit us in the Alps! It will be awesome!

And to clarify, after Grade 11 I had all the credits required at my high school for graduation but they wouldn't graduate me because it was against policy. Whatever. So I went to Utah State and had a year done when I married Brett. After that I finished a high school correspondence class through the state and they gave me a diploma. So technically, I was married before I graduated from high school. Yes, tricky I know. :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

little quiz

Here's the quiz--it's multiple choice for your ease and enjoyment.

Q: Which of the following statements is false?

a. I got married before I graduated from high school.
b. I'm moving to Switzerland.
c. I'm pregnant.

Good luck!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

enjoying Utah pictures

This was our attempt at a hike. It was a disaster. The kids no likey hiking that day. So we turned around and went home, but still got a couple pictures.

Dirty kid. But cute.

Fresh from Indiana, I find mountains very awe-inspiring.

Brett dressed up for an interview and I couldn't keep my eyes off him the rest of the day. I didn't let him change back into regular clothes. Mmmm-mmm.

Wow he's hot.
Helping shuck the corn.

I'm thinking my genes didn't really get to Hazel. She's looking quite a bit like her daddy.
How to get even hotter? Add a horse.
Awww--what a good-lookin' fellow. (And Fahs Elle, mi caballo favorito.)
My sister Lindsay and her friend Aleesha (behind her--the one getting married fyi).
Brett liked doing wheelies on his nephew's little motorcycle. The same little motorcycle I crashed in October. But who remembers that.
The birthday dinner. Man, it was good. Steak, corn on the cob, salmon, marinated chicken, macaroni salad, and these surprisingly delish cheesy hotdogs.
My lovely and brilliant oldest sista, Megan.

Happy birthday to the cutest 1-year-old ALIVE!!! (we neglected his birthday in the move)

The fantabulous pirate cake my sister Andrea and her hubby Tim created for the occasion. They are amazing.
Look at those teeth!--that was my favorite part.

My sista Megan gave me my long-dream-of pirate party. She got eye-patches and weapons for everyone. It was soooooooooooooo awesome.

I love Andrea's hair.
I love Hazel's pirate scowl. Ha ha!

It was a party for me, Tim (we share the same awesome birthday-- with Pres. Monson too), Jethro (who was also sorta neglected in the traveling and move. His presents are in a box somewhere in the trailer), and Talmage.
Here're some of the cousins waiting for cake.

Brett pulled his motorcycle off of the trailer to go for some rides.

My dad hopped on for a ride too. I think it was more so mom could ride behind him than for the actual riding.
And the cutest kid this side of the everywhere.
Tonight Brett and I played against Mom and Dad in Rook. I had an amazing hand, and Dad remarked as I was raking in everyone's cards, "Shoot, she's doing exactly what I taught her--the little stinker." :) He said there was a certain joy in losing because he knew he'd taught me well. (I led everyone out of trump.) I wish I could say it was a 300 hand, but we were one hand short. No pointers though.

The end.

Friday, August 21, 2009

wedding dress shopping

The other day Lindsay and her friend went wedding dress shopping because her friend is getting married. They called us (Mom, Andrea, and I) to come look at one they particularly liked. I saw a couple dresses I just couldn't resist trying on. Mmmm, it is fun to wear a gorgeous dress for a minute or two. I asked Brett if we could get married again and he said no. Party pooper.

Monday, August 17, 2009

things can always get crazier

So, as crazy as things were before--they are still crazier yet.

Going back to Indiana felt sooooo weird, knowing that we were leaving. We did a whole lot of cleaning, packing, and fixing up the house. In fact, that's all we did. Well, we did get to visit with a few people and have dinner a couple nights with some of our good friends. At first I was very full of energy, but by the sixth and seventh day I was really ready to be done. And Brett had so much to do, otherwise we would have been out of there sooooo much sooner. He had to
do all the drywall and painting and windowsills for the windows since we never did that after he replaced them. And cleaning out the garage and whatnot. That place was filthy. I am not kidding it was disgustingly, outrageously, grossly filthy. But he sold his biodiesel stuff so that was good. And we had so much help from people--so many people took Talmage for me. Pretty much every day so I could get things done.

Brett's cousin Ben and his wife got there the night before we left. They are really nice and I am happy knowing our house will have such a good family in it. Here we are all in front of the house the morning we took off. (They have two kids too, but they were asleep.)
Goodbye house--you've been a good home.
We stayed in Omaha one night at their empty house during our trip. It was funny to swap places.

The drive went quite well, except for perhaps the most harrowing experience of my life --a stretch of freeway right outside of Omaha where we were driving in torrential rain in the pitch black and every second I felt very very close to out-of-control. I don't know how long we drove like this, but I finally called Brett on the walkie-talkie (he was driving the truck pulling the big trailer, and I was driving the car pulling the small trailer with the motorcycle on it) and said we really needed to stop because I couldn't SEE anything. (Have I mentioned I really don't like driving on the freeway very much, especially places I'm unfamiliar with, nor do I like driving at night when I can't see very well, and also I've never pulled a trailer before this trip?) Anyway, he said, "Well as soon as I find a place." And pretty soon after that, all the traffic came to a complete stop, we assume because someone had an accident. We did not move at all for the next hour and a half or two hours. Brett was like, "You got your wish." And it was
kinda nice because I took a little nap in the car and when we started driving again the sun was coming up and it stopped raining.

Here are some pictures from mid-America.

But we made it. Jethro and Talmage were really good, and we had no mechanical difficulties (on the way back--on the way there we got a flat tire and spent a couple hours in a Wal-Mart in ummm--Nebraska I think.)

Okay, now for the part I was talking about how things are crazier now than ever. When we were in Omaha we checked the messages on our phone and found a message from a guy in the Utah State Biofuel program and he wants to talk to Brett. Now, I think there is little to nothing Brett would like a career in more than Biofuel. Also, Logan has been our dream place to live ever since, well, we lived there. So that aroused much excitement, though we haven't been able to talk to the guy yet.

FURTHERMORE, the guy from the job in Switzerland called and said the other guy they were going to hire bailed and do we want the job there.


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