Thursday, November 7, 2013

My birthday and other August pictures.

This kid is a crazy funny dude.  He is sitting on my lap at the moment watching the movie Cars, even though I tried and tried to get him to watch anything else because I hate Cars, but nothing else would do.

Didn't want to share his swing.

Oh yeah, also, Orrin is now potty-trained.  Yippee!  On the flip side, when Talmage went to Utah he was so overtired and exhausted from all the fun he had that he started having accidents (even though he's been dry at night for about a year).  When we got back we had him use the bedwetting alarm again --it did not take him long at all to get it the first time he used it-- but unfortunately, it didn't work this time around.  We had him sleeping in our room on the floor so we could help him wake up and go when it went off (he woke up and jumped out of bed by himself the first time around) but still after a long time he just wasn't waking up.  Besides that, having a baby who wakes up several times a night and another kid in your room doesn't make for very good sleep, so when the batteries ran out, we did not replace them.  Sad.  We'll try again in a while.

AND... I had a birthday.  A big one-- number 30.  Brett had a busy week that week, so we were going to do something a different day, but luckily I have sweet daughters and they made me cards and pictures and decorated the table with leaves and pinecones to celebrate my actual birthday.  :)

Jethro took these pictures for me.  I should have had Hazel take one with Jethro in it though.

Thoughts on being 30?  It's pretty cool.  I feel rather the same as when I was 16.  Except older.  :)  Oh yeah, when I was with my mom we realized that we both had a Wyatt when we were 29.

I went to the cut-your-own-flower patch and bought myself some flowers on my birthday.  They were soooo pretty and I was quite impressed with myself for putting them together, as I thought it was a beautiful arrangement.  Then I took ten million pictures of them because I have issues.


These two boys love each other sooo much.  Talmage does such an awesome job playing with Wyatt, and Wyatt just laughs and loves it!


Handsome devil.

This is the motorcycle Brett bought while we were still in Utah.  He really missed us so he bought a motorcycle.  Makes sense.  (He did sell his other one.)  I even have my own helmet because we have a kid old enough that we can leave him watching the others for shortish periods of time and go for rides together!!  Woohoo!

The end.

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Lynn said...

Happy Happy belated birthday!!

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