Friday, September 27, 2019

July stuff

These are out of order, but July included these things.  

Jethro and Hazel went to Youth Conference to New York and Palmyra.  They were in the same group.

At the pageant.

Hanging out at the park with the Bauers and the Millers.

Brenda's pool.  A lot.  :)

4th of July!

Navy as a man.  Gotta love filters. haha

Brett helping with a lady's chimney.  It was caved in with stone halfway down, so he got a weight on the end of a rope and smashed it about a bit, then got a long pincher thingee and pulled pieces out and eventually got enough out that the last bits fell down and their chimney was usable again!  What a hero.  Especially since he doesn't like heights.

Hazel's second watercolor lesson masterpiece.  So awesome!!

These pictures are when I did my hair nice and went to the restaurant called Walnut Grill and got hired on the spot to be a dishwasher.  Because I wanted to pay for Jethro to go to OFY and Hazel was home to babysit and I didn't want to sit at home and stew about what we were going to do about our house (buy the house in Cache Valley before we sold the one in Pittsburgh, with a possibility of having double mortgage payments for who knows how long, or wait until we sold our house with the possibility of losing our house in Cache Valley...), and also Brenda went to Hawaii so that was kind of the clincher.  haha.  Anyway, it was terrible.  Soooo hard on your body!  My feet ached so much every shift and people's language is seriously horrible, but I did earn enough for Jethro to go to OFY and pay for his ticket out, and I did get a free meal every shift, so, worth it?

Jethro turned 17!!

Orrin found this tick behind his ear one night.

Playing at the park one Monday night when we had ward FHE in the park.

Sister Courtney Kwasney was a missionary in our ward a couple years ago, and she came back to visit and brought her husband Kyle, who happens to be from Barnwell and knows Derek and Brooke.  I made sure they came and played some sweet volleyball with us, which is why we're red adn sweaty in this picture.

Walnut salmon with spiced orange marmalade.  Suuuuper tasty!  Jethro was mad that I got a free meal from the restaurant where I worked as a dishwasher, and he worked as a dishwasher somewhere else that did not give free meals.

Played in the creek one day.

Talmage found a dead fish and half a snake, so good times.

Saying goodbye to Jethro before he flew out to Utah.  He was supposed to go with Megan and Jared to Flaming Gorge but then plans changed, but he still hung out with them and boated and dirt biked and stuff.  Then he went to OFY.  He ended up loving it, which I am so glad about!

It did not take long for the little kids to move into his room!

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