Saturday, July 25, 2020

Little Stories from whatsapp

I'm so far behind. :( :(  It's so sad because I miss all the actual details and thoughts and the little things.  But I sometimes put some stories on our family WhatsApp thread, so I will go back and try to find some of them to put here so that they're not lost forever.

Navy held up her arm, as if she were flexing, and said, "Look Dad! Do I have good abs?"

Navy just said, "Jethro, you're my favorite cousin."

When Brett and Navy and I were on a walk, Brett taught her to identify the Russian Olive trees.  She always wanted to say avocado instead of olive.  So a week later, I showed her a picture of one and asked her what kind of tree it was and she thought hard for a minute and said, "Mexican Avocado."

At dinner Navy said, "Does Heavenly Father love everyone?"
And I said, "yes," and she said, "even the fat guys?" and I was laughing soooo hard and I was like, "Yes!!" and she said, "No he doesn't!" and then one of the kids realized she actually said "bad guys," not "fat guys."

Navy was fascinated with Myles while we were together at Goblin Valley, and she decided she was going to marry him.  Jethro said, "Navy, I thought you were going to marry me!" She thought about it and offered, "You can be our servant."  hahhahaaa!  Later, Jethro and Myles were talking about experiencing the sweet joy of stealing someone's girl, and Jethro experiencing the heartbreak of having his girl leave him for a new man.

Navy: I do like people but I do not like grownups because I do not like to eat my food.

Navy: You don't have to say no, that's a bad word!

Hazel: Wyatt!! Stop painting and put away your shoes!!!
Wyatt: I can see that you're just jealous.  
???  hahahaahhaa!!

Talking about COVID and how many people have actually died from it.  
Wyatt: What if everyone dies but our family?
Talmage: I call for Australia!!
Me: I call for Hawaii!
Hazel: I call for Iceland!
Jethro: This is oddly imperialistic.

The other day when I was taking the boys to the dentist we passed right by Icon adn I told them that's where Uncle Ethan works.  Wyatt said, "What does he do there?" and I said he was a salesman.  And Wyatt said, "What?!?! I thought he was a hunter!!!"

Wyatt asked Brett why he has to go to Texas on Thursday, and I said that he's getting an award.  And Brett said, "Yeah, they're going to hand me an award that says, 'Never come back!'"  And Orrin said, "That's not an award; that's banishment!"

I was giving a little questionnaire to the kids and one of the questions was "If I could change my name it would be:" and Orrin answered, "Unstoppable."

We were just playing HeadsUp and Orrin was holding the words and we were giving him clues.  So he got the word DISCO and we said a type of dance that was popular in the 70s and he said, "now watch me whip."

Orrin just asked if I wanted to play Monopoly, but that's terrible, so I said how about a difference game, like Scrabble.  And he said, "I'm not good at that game, I don't have a big vocabulary." and I said, "sure you do."  And he said, "True, compared to animals..." 

I asked Orrin if he knew his birthday, and he said, "Yes, Dec. 5th." and I said, "What year?" and he said, "Any year."  hahahaha

Talmage: Is it legal to shoot rabbits?
Me: No!
Talmage: Why not? They're considered pests.  They breed like maniacs.
Me: So do Rasmussens.
Talmage: But we contribute!  We're doctors and stuff!

Wise words from Talmage Bell: It's easier to be good when something really fun is looming.

Talmage just came out here and squinted at the clock adn said, "oh, it's only 12:08" and I said, "Did you think it was morning?" and he shrugged and walked back to bed.

Hazel just got a letter from Maloree which included a drawing of a girl.  Talmage said something disparaging about the nose, and Hazel yelled, "You have no room to talk, you can't draw noses!" and he grabbed a pen and a paper, drew the above nose, and said, "Boom."

Talmage: Can I get my bb gun out of the safe to shoot?  I know where the key is because I accidentally found it...

I was watching Harry and Meghan's wedding for a minute while I ate breakfast, and Talmage came in when they got into the carriage, and he said, "And then they were assassinated." smh.  Boys.

Hazel and Ethne went to a stake YW thing, and Hazel was talking to a girl in a different ward who knows her from seminary.  Then Ethne came up from behind them, yelling at Hazel, and Hazel was like whoa.  And then the friend said to Hazel, "Do you even know that girl?"

Ethne just put chapstick on her lips, and said, "Look, I'm practicing kissing!" and started smooching the egg-shaped chapstick thingee.  And Hazel gave her a Hazel look, and said, "Stop it. That's obscene."

When I was getting ready in the morning, Navy wanted to have makeup too, which she always does, so I said, "Here's yours!  You can have as much as you want!" and handed her the empty powder compact that I had saved for her.  But she's smart, and said, "Mom!  It doesn't have any dirt!"

first you have to understand that he's kind of the worst player on his baseball team (it's my fault--I need to get out and practice with him more!). Anyway, so last night I was asking him about the kids on his team, and I'd they're friendly or not, and so on. And he said, "Some of them are vain." And I said, "Cuz they think they're so good at baseball?" And he said "yeah. ... But some of them are in fourth grade, so they know how amazing I am, so they have more respect for me." 😳🤔😂😂😂

We were playing a game called Blurt where you read definitions and everyone tries to tell out the correct word first. Ethne read a the definition 'a place where dead bodies are kept'  (something like that, anyway) and we guessed graveyard and cemetary and mausoleum and morgue and then we were stuck, and then Orrin yells, "Tom!" (Really he said tomb but he pronounced it like Tom with a b at the end.) Hahaha!
And then we were letting just Orrin and Wyatt guess, and the word was album, and so we were trying to help them get it, so we said, "downstairs, we have photo..." And Orrin said, "wagon!" Which is hilARious, because it's actually from the Star Wars spoof song, Bushes of Love. Do you guys know that song? Anyway, so funny.

November walks and horseback rides and random stuff

I like seeing all of Dad's bridles hung up so nice and organized.

I went on a ride with Dad and Mom.

I thought Navy looked cute washing the car in her dress-up dress.

Funny girl, making faces in the tubby.

So cute!

Hazel and I went down to Provo and visited Jethro.  Here he is in his apartment.

We went to Bridal Veil Falls. 

There were some spots that were sheets of icy and legit scary.  But other than that it was super fun scaling the cliffs and climbing up.  I would have loved to have gone farther.


Took a little walk up in the foothills behind our house on a Sunday evening.  The kids convinced Brett to bring their bikes.



Ethne wasn't satisfied with the last time she had dressed her up like this and had to do it again.

Chez and Journey visiting

Wyatt told Brett to pull out his tooth, so he tried-- hard-- but it didn't come out.  I was laughing so hard watching him pull on it so hard.


Ethne at her violin lesson.

Another ride just me and Mom.

After we did baptisms at the temple.

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