Monday, December 28, 2015

November Miscellany

Ethne's hair being awesome.

I bought a basket for our chicken eggs and I think it is so pretty!

Cold enough for coats and hats this day.

Nice bed?

Warm enough for mac and cheese outside this day.  :)

 I love kids playing on the tramp.

Pretty sky and clouds.

Orrin reading to Wyatt--awwww!

Brett working on his plasma cutter, little boys helping.  I LOVE Orrin's face in this first one!


When the boys aren't riding motorcycles, they're watching them on youtube.  (Or building them with legos.)

“When the boys aren't riding motorcycles, they're watching them on YouTube.”:  
Jethro pianoing.

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Ethne's 9th Birthday and a beautiful walk

Ethne turned NINE this year!!

Talmage was super excited to take a picture with her!

Cute cute cute girl.

Some pictures of these handsome devils.


Gorgeous day for a walk.

Their favorite thing to do-hide in the grass and say, "Can you see me, Mom?"

I love Orrin's smiles!!!

I love Wyatt's little face running over!  :)

And Orrin looking up so excited!

Perfect shot!

Flying edit.

Awwwwww!  Most beautiful picture ever!

Then a little jumping.

And angel food cake w/ whipped cream and strawberries (the next night, I believe).

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