Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Riding Lessons

So this school year I decided some extracurriculars were in order.  The first one (that I was the most excited about, talk about living out the dreams of the mother through her children) is riding lessons.  Jethro and Hazel both started taking them at a riding school that is about five minutes away from our house by car.  That is a major perk, as Jethro usually goes on his bike (he and Hazel go at different times because he has Fliegeri after school on Wednesdays).  They have both really loved it.  And I have loved it too--there is something about watching them get very good at posting, and seeing Jethro pick up his horse's hoof and hook out the mud from it that makes me realllllly happy.  :)

Pictures.  (It is very difficult to get good pictures in a poory-lit arena of a continually moving subject.  Just FYI.)



In the picture below, Jethro is in the black shirt.  Yes, it is the only picture I have of Jethro unfortunately, but I am planning on getting more.  And a VIDEO- because really a video is worth 1000 pictures in this case.  


From this angle you can see the windows of where we go up to sit and watch.

Video to come.  Someday.  :)

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