Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fall Walk

Brett wanted me to take a picture of this dog riding a bike.


We followed our piece-of-wood boat down the little creek for a long way.

Sometimes we had to throw rocks at it to get it unstuck.

Orrin would cheer when it would get unstuck or make it down a little waterfall.

Splitting wood was pretty much the funnest thing ever.


kami said...

The first few photos looked UNREAL--they're so beautiful. Looks like so much fun.

Andrea said...

Loved your hair in all these pics. Makes me more sure that I want to grow mine. Cowen was dazzled by the dog riding the bike and he said, "No fair!" that you guys got to split wood and he didn't.

Sometimes the States are just so boring. :)

PS Orrin, I want your bratwurst.

Anonymous said...

I love all the pics. Ethne I really love your new hair cut. It is so cute. And I want to come and hike there with you because it looks so beautiful and a little more rugged than just your rolling hills. Where is it from your place? And - to eat your brats with you. yummy!! Looks like a fun day. I love the pics of Wyatt in the other post!! He is so adorable. cute pics of Hazel and Ethne and Hazel and Wyatt.
Love you. Glad you got your package. Mom

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