Thursday, November 21, 2013

Catch-up random pictures, mostly of my baby.

I loooooove this kid and he is sooooooo cute!  I have to kiss him four million gazillion times a day.

Hazel in a top hat.

Jethro probably looking at something to do with Lego Mindstorms (the Lego robots).  That's his latest infatuation.  He is saving his money and we told him we would pitch in the rest once he saved up $200.  Oh, and 


Oh look it's that CUUUUUUTE little baby again!

One of the great perks of turning 7?  Officially being in the rotation for dish night!!

One of the Lego Friends pets -a squirrel- is named Hazel!

This little boy before church in his sweater with his little hair-feather sticking up--cutest thing of my life!!

Old picture (because it was on the old camera which is now Jethro's) of matching shirts.

Three cute boys in a tub!

Recent pictures of Wyatt on his 10th month birthday showing how he's getting ready to start crawling.  Right now he just scoots along on his bum (always towards the dirt in the potted plant) but sometimes he does a bit of hands and knees reaching.

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Anonymous said...

He is so darling. I just love him to pieces. Add to your gazillion kisses and give him a few for me.
Good for Ethne, She will make a great dish washer. Tell her I said so. hahahaaa Miss you and the kids and Brett. Love you. Mom

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