Monday, September 2, 2013

Barbeque and Oldest Friends

It's annoying that I'm still so far behind.  I just want to be up to date already, but I've still got a couple months to go.  Ruff.  Plus my blogging gets boring when I'm just trying to get done quickly.  Oh well.

Here's Uncle Wyatt and Little Wyatt!  Aren't they adorable?

 Jack Jack and Orrin-- this is at the Father's Day barbeque at Megan's house.

Ethan came with his motorcycle.  At the time, it was eight days until his girlfriend would get home from her mission.  Now his girlfriend is engaged to him and his motorcycle is sold.  :)

The following pictures are from our time with our bestest friends- Drew and Jessica and their cutie-head kids.  We did a poor job taking pictures there though.  We should have got a good one with all the kids together (looking at the camera) and one of Drew and Jess and Brett and I.  Lame.  Next time.

We went on a little hike to a little waterfall.  It was hot.  Hiking in Utah is hot.  But the weather is always merry with our good friends!  (I should be in bed, that was a lame play on their last name.)

I am doing my utmost to make sure these two get married.

Because who wouldn't want their son to marry the cutest little dirty-faced girl-child of their best friends?

While we were in Salt Lake City, Brett gave a seminar at the University of Utah and spoke with several faculty members as well.  This was all arranged by Drew, bless his heart.  But seriously, we're so lucky he was there to give Brett a good word.  They're opening up some positions that Brett will be applying for, so here's hoping they remember him in a good light.

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Andrea said...

You are starting to look more and more like Mom. The pic with you two standing next to each other makes that obvious.

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