Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Barbeque and Baby

We had a fun barbeque at Megan's house.

I promise I'm not as fat as the sweater makes me look in these pictures.  And it is a cute sweater!  Just not so flattering in pictures.  Just had to clear that up- thanks.

I LOOOOOOVE this picture of Orrin and Devaney.

Partway through July I realized that since I was so busy taking pictures of all kinds of other things, I was neglecting taking hundreds of pictures of this sweet baby!!!  So then I made it a point to take more.

I love his blue eyes!

Awww, what a cutie-cute boy!!!!

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Steve and Katrina said...

Oh wow, you have lots of posts! I love them all.

The horses, the sunset, the cute kids. Your sister is amazing to sew those dresses. I want to see more pictures.

To answer your question, KayAnna is getting married Oct. 15th. Kind of rude to choose a date 3 weeks from my due date:) (good thing the baby was 11 days early). But I can't miss my sister's wedding! She's getting married at Sundance.

Oh, and the babies name on the birth certificate is Simon but I'm begging Steve to let me change it. I'll eventually write about it on my blog. I almost have the birth story done so hopefully tomorrow I will get it up. For now I should probably be in bed since the baby is sleeping.

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