Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lafayette Friends in Brigham City

A great thing about our trip to Utah is seeing some friends we haven't seen for forever.  These cute people are our friends from Indiana.  We met up in Brigham City at what I always call the Peach Pit, even though it's really called Peach City.  I was under the impression that it used to be called the Peach Pit, but can find no evidence confirming that.  But the point is, they make very delicious shakes.  And we ate them with some very wonderful friends.

We had to take a picture of Hazel and Dallin together because since we took those ones below when they were about two years old, we've teased that they're going to get married.  :)  They still make a cute couple!

We took a little tour of the tabernacle.

The view of the temple from the doors of the tabernacle.  It is strange to see the spires of the temple on the way from Ogden to Logan as you pass through, since we're not used to it.  It's so beautiful.

And the view of the tabernacle.

I was so happy to get a visit in with Deanne and her kids.  She has since had a baby girl and named her Kayli-- I kid you not.  Talk about good taste in names!! 

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Anonymous said...

Love the tabernacle picture with the blue, blue sky behind it. Love all your pics. You should enter a contest!!! Love you, Mom.

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