Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Parties (and some motorcycle rides)

Orrin's favorite thing about Utah was all the motorcycle rides he got to go on.

He even fell asleep on one ride with Uncle Ethan!

Here we are at some pre-reunion festivities.  This is Chad's birthday.

And Chad's baptism.


My nieces, Olivia and Megan, holding Wyatt and Will.

Afterwards we had a great big birthday party for all the summer birthday people.  We all dressed up in our finest for the occasion.

July birthdays: Jethro and Isabel.  Derek and Tyson were unfortunately not there.

June birthdays: Megan, Garrett, Chad, Hazel, Cassidy, and Miriam

August birthdays: Kam, Leo, Nicolas, Me, Devaney, Nash, Jack Jack, and Talmage.  Not pictured: Tim and Ruth, who have the same birthday as me and Jack Jack.

 In this game, a balloon was tied by a string to everyone's foot.  Then you tried to pop other people's balloons by stomping on them.  I thought for sure injuries would ensue, but I don't think any did.

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Steve and Katrina said...

Your family is so huge! And they seem so fun.

Emery has loved all the horse pictures. She is obsessed with horses right now so it's been fun to show her your pictures. I would love to visit your parents. It seems like they have the coolest place for kids to run and have fun.

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