Thursday, September 5, 2013

Airplanes and other stuff.

 We went to the Hill Airospace Museum.  Jethro was in airplane/fighter jet/WWII heaven  Also, Andrea and her kids came which made it fun for me.

And then Andrea had to leave, but a friend of mine, Shelane, whom I hadn't met in real life before, came and we got to hang out.  It was really really awesome although too short and also unfortunately the stranger I handed my camera to had a hard time focusing, so a fuzzy picture is the best we got.  And her daughter Hazel got to play with my daughter Hazel, and our redheads got to mingle--it was pretty sahweet.

Then we went to Andrea's house and hung out.  It was fun, but then Orrin tried to eat a water gun, and the little plastic thingee got stuck in his throat, so we took him to the doctor, so our night got cut short, which was a crying shame.

Talmage is always so cute with the babies.  :)

Oskar and Wyatt were such good friends.

Hazel turned nine years old the next morning.  We didn't celebrate that exact day (she went to Lagoon -twice- for her birthday and we had cake at my mom's house another time), but here she is in her birthday morning cuteness.  :)

Wyatt was cute too.


Shelane said...

We made the archives! (It has been fun following your trip so far...)

Andrea said...

I recognize those pajamas . . ..

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