Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Miscellaneous Things

Here's some pictures from different things that didn't fit elsewhere.  First, my little (puny) brother Ethan playing ball with Orrin.  Awwwwww.  :) 

Then he got tired and recruited Ruthie to play with him.

Lindsay with some Lindsay olives.

My handsome husband.

This is from when some grandchild left the gate open and Jubal, the stallion, got out and started herding the horses.  It was AMAZING to watch.

See him biting??  There was galloping, biting, kicking

(isn't he gorgeous? (he's on the right))

and rearing.  I wish I had this picture from the side angle!  Come on, work with me Jubal!

Then my mom and Leo managed to get him back in the corral.  Phew.

 I took some family pictures for Kami and Leo.  There are a lot more than this, but here are just two for a sneak peek.  Kami sewed ALL THE DRESSES!  She's incredible.  And their family is soooo cute.

Lindsay Ann was the smile-getter.  She rocked it.

 So one night there was this AMAZING sunset, and Mom and I went out and watched it and I couldn't stop taking pictures- more and more and more.  But the clouds!!  It was raining color!  The blue, the pink!  It was perty.

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